A history of Trevor Bauer’s many controversies

A history of Trevor Bauer’s many controversies
A history of Trevor Bauer’s many controversies

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The Trevor Bauer sweepstakes are finally over, with the Dodgers landing the defending NL Cy Young winner on a three-year, $102 million contract.

While the 30-year-old right-hander is coming off the best season of his career, he will also arrive in Los Angeles with a controversial past, on and off the mound.

“I’m good at two things in this world: throwing baseballs, and pissing people off,” Bauer said in a 2019 Sports Illustrated feature.

A deeper look at that history of pissing people off:

Drone disaster

One of Bauer’s most infamous controversies came in October 2016 with his Indians in the postseason. He was scheduled to start Game 2 of the ALCS against the Blue Jays, but he had to be pushed back after he sliced his right pinky finger while repairing a drone, which ended up requiring 10 stitches. They didn’t exactly hold the fort as Bauer started Game 3, but after blood was dripping out of his pinky while on the mound, he was forced to exit before finishing the first inning.

Bauer went on to start two games in the World Series, both losses, while giving up five runs on 12 hits and two walks over 7 ⅔ innings while striking out nine.

Over the fence

Bauer’s other well-known on-field controversy with the Indians came in 2019 at Kauffman Stadium.

Bauer responded by turning to center field and hurling the ball over the fence, which did not sit well with Francona once he got to Bauer.

Trevor Bauer just chucked the ball over the centerfield fence from the mound and we’re gonna need the StatCast on it please and thank you.pic.twitter.com/2V0vcP3OQQ

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) July 28, 2019

“I owe a sincere apology to all my teammates, my coaching staff, the organization and all of our fans for how I conducted myself today” Bauer told reporters after the game. “It’s unbecoming. It was childish, unprofessional. There’s no place for it in the game.”

Twitter harassment

Bauer is one of the more active MLB players on social media, but it has often gotten him in trouble. In 2019, he harassed a female college student on Twitter who called him, “My new least favorite person in all sports.” Bauer responded by saying “Welcome to the fan club,” but he continued to throw fuel on the fire — tweeting at least 17 times, either directly at the woman or at others while talking about her and the argument, over three days — including finding a photo from her timeline of her drinking before her 21st birthday.

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As he fell on his sword this past week, performing…“That was not my intention. I will wield the responsibility of my public platform more responsibly in the future.”

Diss track?

On a less harmful note, after Bauer was traded by the Diamondbacks to the Indians in 2012, he released a rap track called, “You Don’t Know Me.” It came days after his former catcher, Miguel Montero, told an Arizona radio station that Bauer “never wanted to listen,” but Bauer said the song was actually recorded in December “about people on Twitter who say you’re terrible,” and not Montero. The song has since been deleted from the internet.


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