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Anchovy Bird

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Anchovy Subject Matter

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40 anchovies
THREE sprigs of scallion
30 leaves of mint
12 sprigs of parsley
15 cloves ball component
1 tablespoon sesame
1 tablespoon olive oil
Black pepper

Foods for frying anchovies

1 cup corn flour
Sunflower oil

Meals for Presentation

Red Onion

Finely chop scallion, parsley and fresh mint with the assistance of a knife. . Beat cloves and sesame in a mortar. Upload 1 tablespoon of olive oil in order that it is no longer too dry. Flavor finely chopped fresh herbs with salt, black pepper and a mix of clove and sesame grinded in a mortar.

Spread this mortar on one in all anchovies that experience been wiped clean and free of bones and cover any other anchovy.

After preparing the entire anchovies in this approach, fry them in shallow oil, dipped in corn flour and heated in a pan. in the event you wish, you’ll be able to go away covid anchovies empty and fry them with most effective salt and black pepper.

Transfer fried anchovies to a plate with a towel napkin and take away the excess oil and serve with arugula, lemon and onion.

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