Apigenin is anti-cancer

Apigenin is anti-cancer
Apigenin is anti-cancer

While new inventions are emerging every day in the fight against cancer, the fact that the source of these inventions is natural draws attention to alternative treatment methods.

The flavonoid called apigenin, which is found in many vegetables and fruits. It has been found to make cancer cells more susceptible to standard DNA-damaging treatments.

Researchers report that apigenin is effective by causing the p53 tumor suppressor protein, which is inactivated in cancer cells, to have its normal function.

The deactivation of p53 prevents cancer cells from being damaged by treatments that cause DNA damage such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The specific effect of apigenin occurs by inhibiting the phosphorylation of p53 by the Thr-55 protein.

When phosphorylation occurs, p53 is ejected from the cell nucleus and degraded.

Apigenin treatment restores the nuclear localization of p53 and enables it to trigger apoptosis in response to DNA damage.

Apigenin was not found to be fully effective against neuroblastoma cells treated with etoposide.

Previously, treatment with apigenin increased the rate of apoptosis to 53 percent, from 20 percent with etoposide alone.

Researchers think that other compounds that use p53-targeted mechanisms and make cells more susceptible to therapy could be developed. It has been shown that it inhibits the growth of its growth, but the mechanism of this is unknown. and licorice comes first.

Let’s come to the conclusion

This research suggests that flavonoid-rich vegetables and fruits in the diet may work in the treatment of cancer, or at least increase the effect of the treatment, but the main issue is not to be cancer.

Cancer occurs as a result of wrong lifestyle.

The way to get rid of cancer and all chronic diseases First, he is fed like a man.

Plants containing apigenin

Apigenin is mostly found in parsley. In addition, celery, pepper, and grapes are among the foods rich in apigenin.

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