Saturday, October 23, 2021

Belesen tree (mecca rosewood, balsam tree)

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Belesen tree (Mecca rosewood, belsem tree) options * It grows particularly in the Ayn-ı Şems district in Egypt. * Oil is used. * Art phase that comes out of covid oil is known as as ayn equip. * Informations trunk of this tree …

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Belesen tree (makkah rosemary, balsamic tree) features
* It grows particularly in the related place of shams in Egypt .
* Gym oil is used.
* part where oil is extracted is named as ayn-şems.
* If trunk of this tree is divided, healthy sap popping out of that cleft is collected after a while, which is known as instagood belasan oil.

Belesen tree (mecca rosewood, balsam wooden) advantages
* This oil is utilized in many preparations of medications.

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