Beloved cat killed in Brooklyn sparks global movement for NYPD probe

Beloved cat killed in Brooklyn sparks global movement for NYPD probe
Beloved cat killed in Brooklyn sparks global movement for NYPD probe

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Tuxedo, the beloved Brooklyn cat who was killed by a pair of dogs egged on by their owners, has touched off a global movement. 

A petition urging the NYPD to investigate the cat’s murder and arrest the dogs’ owners has garnered over 16,600 signatures from concerned citizens in nearly all 50 states and over 80 countries in every inhabited continent on the globe, records of the signers show. 

The chunky black and white feline, known as the “mayor” of NYCHA’s Breukelen Houses, was viciously mauled to death on Jan. 13 after the owners of two dogs knocked him out of a tree with a stick and sicced their canines on him. 

Tuxedo had lived at the housing complex since 2011 and was part of a managed feral colony where he had a human caretaker, feline friends and even a girlfriend. 

The petition, started by Animal Victory shortly after The Post’s initial report on the incident, urges the NYPD to take swift action against the dogs’ owners. 

“The dogs ripped the friendly cat apart, causing fatal injuries.

On Thursday, a spokesperson said the investigation is “active and ongoing” without providing further details. 

Janelle Babington, the CEO of Animal Victory, said the petition will be sent to Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison, the 69th precinct and the New York State Animal Protection Federation. 

“This crime in particular was extremely horrific and disturbing. It needs to be investigated and the people who did this need to be brought to justice or it will continue to happen,” Babington wrote in an email.

Signers of the petition, who hail from locales as far flung as Zimbabwe, Egypt, Japan and Kazakhstan, were touched by the Big Apple tragedy and left comments demanding justice. 

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“I wish these bastards a long, miserable life,” Anne Quievreux from Belgium wrote. 

“These people must be prosecuted they are purely evil this cannot go unpunished,” Linda Matthews from Great Britain implored. 

“So what they are saying is it is okay to have dogs attacking cats… Here we are not allowed to do that kind of thing,” Helle Darling, a fellow cat owner from Denmark, wrote. 

Americans across the country were equally outraged by the incident. 

“If NYPD does not see this is cruelty they need to get out of the law enforcement business.

It’s been proven over and over. This is a heinous crime.”.

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