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Burma Dessert Recipe

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Hi, dear E-Recipes fans, today we can provide you with the Burma Dessert Recipe, which is very easy to make. in this recipe, we especially used in a position-made baklava sheets of yufka, and we include simple recipes from time to time, taking into consideration newly married ladies who don’t have a lot kitchen wisdom. There are a couple of methods you need to listen to while making Burma Dessert. If the dessert we make has various butter and walnuts, we can have a more delicious dessert. in case you want the sherbet to be crispy even as giving it, let’s pour the desserts out of the oven after which pour 1/2 the sherbet, now not all. Let’s pour the remaining part over the truffles with its sherbet so that you can make a crispy Burma Dessert. Even As giving the sherbet, the sherbet should be lukewarm and the sweet need to be hot. have you tried the Water Pastry Recipe from our pastry recipes class? we recommend you to not leave out this superb flavor. we advise that you simply try the Kısır Recipe from the Salad Recipes category. Revel In it, come simple ..

Burmese Dessert Materials

10 sheets of filo pastry

2 HUNDRED grams of butter

2 teacups with nuts

For the sherbet

5 teacups of granulated sugar

FOUR teacups of water

1 slice of lemon

Burma Dessert Recipe

Let’s take the hazelnuts to the chopper, with out getting too small. on the different hand, let’s lay the dough for baklava on a flat surface, sprinkle the nuts on it. Let’s wrap it in a skinny and long rolling pin, shrink it and place it in the middle of the greased baking tray by taking it out from the rolling pin. Let’s follow the similar process to other doughs and lay them on the tray. Then, let’s pour the melted butter on it and prepare dinner it at 180 degrees until it’s browned.
Let’s take sugar, water and lemon slice right into a pan and prepare dinner it till it reaches the consistency. Let’s make it heat, let’s supply the warm sherbet after the first temperature of the dessert comes out on the cooked burma dessert . After taking the sherbet, let’s reduce it into THREE cm slices and arrange it on a borcam tray. Enjoy your meal.


4 baklava phyllo
A spoonful of butter
spoons of oil
Yerim paper walnut
Materials for sherbet
Two glasses of sugar
One and a half glasses of water
3 drops of lemon juice
methods to Make Burma Dessert
Prior To we begin making Burma dessert, let’s no doubt get ready the sherbet. we will be able to get ready our burma desserts so that our scorching sherbet is chilly. As we commence to make our dessert, we put two items of pastry in Baklava, soften the butter on it and blend it with a liquid spring and spread it. Then we sprinkle our overwhelmed walnuts on most sensible. With the assistance of a rolling pin, we place our twisters, which we folded on the huge aspect, into my debt that we unfold on oil paper. After keeping apart the pieces of our Burma truffles, we simply pour the liquid oil on it. First, we positioned our cakes in our oven, which was preheated at 2 HUNDRED ° for 15 minutes. After frying, we take it out of our oven and this procedure takes about quarter-hour. After roasting in the oven, we watch for the primary temperature of our burma to move away.After approximately 5 minutes, we pour our chilly sherbet on our dessert. Enjoy…

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How much is a serving?

It Is not enough simply to know how many portions we will devour from each and every meals...

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