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Detailed Information About Buckingham Palace

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London Information about Buckingham Palace
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Information About Buckingham Palace Briefly History of Buckingham Palace Chapters of Buckingham Palace The Changing Ceremony of the Palace Guard The Queen’s Gallery Picture Gallery Green, White and Blue Reception Halls Throne Room Ballroom Royal Stables Buckingham Palace Where and How to Get Buckingham Palace Current Entrance Fees Buckingham Palace Visiting Days and Hours

The official residence and work office of the Kingdom of England, Buckingham Palace London is also the most one of the major tourist spots. Of course, this is due to the fascinating beauty of the gigantic historical building and gardens, as well as the popularity of the members of the British Royal Family, which has an important place in modern culture.

Their marriage, betrayals, scandals, and their devotion to traditions dating back hundreds of years. Let us admit the royal that even those who have nothing to do with these works are more or less familiar names.

However, to get more detailed information about London, you can read the London Travel Guide on our website, and if you are thinking of a trip to this city, you can plan every detail from eating to accommodation.

Information About Buckingham Palace

Trip to Buckingham Palace London

Today’s view Architect John Nash Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British Crown, and is home to approximately 500 , both the Queen and her accompanying office workers and housekeepers. Apart from official meetings, meetings, parties and balls are also held in the palace.

As it is still an active palace, only the part of Buckingham Palace called State Chambers is open to touristic visits. It is also only in August and September . In short, if your London trip coincides with these months, you are lucky. You can visit the most important and beautiful parts of this magnificent palace.

You can read our Places to Visit in London article to learn about not only this Palace but also other places to visit in London.

Briefly History of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London history

Actually Buckingham Palace it was not originally built as a royal palace.

In 1824, King IV. Architect John Nash was given the work of restoration and expansion of the residence by George. However, the life of the king was not enough to live in the palace.

Thus, first of the royal family, Queen Victoria resided in the palace and since then the palace has been serving as the official residence of the British Kings and Queens. /

Buckingham Palace Parts

Buckingham Palace London travel notes

< Buckingham Palace is a giant building with 775 rooms . However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the entire building is not open to tourists, only the sections called State Rooms and used for official meetings and meetings are open to visitors during the summer months, when the Queen is not in the palace. Of course, the garden of the palace can be visited at any time of the year. If I need to briefly mention what you can see here…

The Changing Ceremony of the Palace Guardians

London Buckingham Palace guard change

From the Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace, the guards who take over the watch here are the changing of the guard tour classic.

I highly recommend you not to miss this small ceremony (earlier in winter), which is held every morning at 11:00 by the guards in traditional red uniforms, if it fits your schedule.

Queen’s Gallery

< 400 years of art collected by the Queens and belonging to the royal collection, including works by masters such as Da Vinci and Varmeer, are presented to visitors with temporary exhibitions. hall.

Picture Gallery

London Buckingham Palace picture gallery

A glass-roofed hall where artworks belonging to the royal collection are exhibited and also decorated like a work of art.

Green, White and Blue Reception Halls

reception halls Information about Buckingham Palace

The reception halls where visitors to Buckingham Palace pass respectively.

But the Music Room , where guests are hosted, albeit by name, and where royal family members are baptized, the Queen’s official meeting room , balcony where the Royal Family greets the public on important occasions / strong> places you might want to see in the palace.

Where and How to Go to Buckingham Palace?

Where and how to get to London Buckingham Palace

First of all, I must say that if you are not within walking distance, you can go almost anywhere in London by subway , even that this is the fastest and most comfortable way. Therefore, to Buckingham Palace.

The closest metro stations to the palace in the center of London; Victoria, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner and St James’s Park.

You can also reach the palace in 10 minutes on foot from Victoria Train Station.

If you are planning a trip to London soon and yet accommodation If you have not decided about the accommodation alternatives around Buckingham Palace or in any part of London, to learn about the features of these regions, Where to Stay in London? We recommend you to read our article.

Buckingham Palace Current Entry Fees

Buckingham Palace trip ticket prices

Buckingham Palace entrance fees vary depending on where you want to see in the palace.

If you just want to see the State Rooms;

Admission fee for adults is 26.50 Pounds .

For students and over 60, 44.50 Pounds , for those under 17 years of age 42 Pounds .

London Pass Not the entire palace, but the Royal Stables are free.

If you want to buy your tickets online before you go, you can also use the palace’s official website.

Buckingham Palace Visiting Days and Hours

London Buckingham Palace visiting days and times

Shortly at the beginning of the article from the time period Buckingham Palace is open to visitors I mentioned. However, let me make it clear here.

The garden of the palace is open to visitors at any time of the year and every day.

If the State Rooms, the Royal Stables and the Queen’s Gallery;

July It is open between 09:30 and 19:00 in late August and between 09:30 and 18:00 in September.

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