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Disneyland Paris: Everything You Need to Know in 12 Questions

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Disneyland Paris is one of the world’s most popular amusement parks, which continues to be indispensable for families with children and entertainment enthusiasts, almost 30 years after its opening.

Places to visit in Paris and What to do in Paris? is an indispensable point of Paris 32 kilometers east of the city center I will share all the information and advice you wonder about the park throughout the Disneyland Paris guide.

Throughout the article, you will find all the critical information you may need about the park, including eating and drinking without buying tickets, shopping and transportation options from the must-see places in the park. you can reach. Let’s start without extension …

What kind of place is Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris tour Disneyland Paris tour

The giant amusement park, officially named Euro Disney Resort , will take place in the memories of people of all age groups, especially children, since 1992, it is beautiful than the other. offers entertainment opportunities.

Disneyland also includes hotels where you will find comfortable accommodation. More than 40 entertainment and playgrounds await you in the relatively popular Disneyland section of the facility. Children find the opportunity to come together with classic cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck in this episode, which resembles a fairy tale land.

Walt Disney Studios opened in 2002, is TV and cinema. reflects the glory of the world to daily life. Visitors have the opportunity to have fun in Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar themed areas in this part of the park. When you want to focus on activities that will raise your adrenaline level, you can ride the giant roller coaster at Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland Paris tour Disneyland Paris tour

With Walt Disney characters dancing or distributing autographs while wandering around the park throughout the day you may encounter.

Because the parade, which is the closing ritual of the park, takes place at 17:00.

Even if you go to the park during the summer season and if you are lucky, between 19-00-21.00, the main character of the animated movie “ Frozen ” You can also see Elsa’s magnificent passage with horse carriages.

How to buy Disneyland Paris ticket

Disneyland Paris tours


First, let’s clarify this. Both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios are great parks to visit in their own right.

Disneyland Paris Box Office / Official Website

The first method to buy Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios tickets is through the official sales channels and the box office website. If you ask me to buy my ticket from Disneyland Paris itself, be sure to give the internet priority. Because as I mentioned in the article, even 1 day you will reserve for the park will not be enough for you. I also say don’t spend this time in long queues at the toll booths.

A planned trip is always my choice. Of course, it can be confusing to buy online, but I believe you will solve the system if you try a little bit. Another negative point of making a transaction here is to get a “refund” in case of last minute mishaps. The more reliable method for this is to choose online tour agencies.

If you wish, you can buy your ticket from the booths at the Disneyland entrance. If you don’t want to wait in line, you can buy tickets on the official website , and even get your tickets at a more affordable price. Although there are periodic changes in ticket prices, the most suitable options are always available on the website.


The most important thing for me is the “ free cancellation ” right to be offered on some tours. In addition, “ transportation ” packages, which can be included in the tour in places that are far from the city center such as Disneyland Paris and where transportation may be a problem.

Finally, follow the visitor reviews and ratings on the tours sold here. You can also get an idea about the tour. There are 3 basic tour packages that you can book and recommend on Getyourguide.

1 Day Ticket: As the name suggests, this ticket gives you only 1-day admission and free cancellation. You can have a pleasant time in Paris. When you purchase the ticket, you must confirm the reservation confirmation within 48 hours. So, if you have determined the exact date for the Disneyland Paris tour, you can choose this option. For detailed information and reservation, click .

1-Day Ticket + Shuttle: Disneyland Paris is located far from the city center and you should consider the transportation problem as much as the ticket. is required.

For detailed information and reservation about the tour, click .

Multi-Day Entry Ticket: Multi-day entry if you have planned a Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios-focused Paris vacation You can evaluate the ticket options. These tickets; It is offered for sale for 2, 3 and 4 days. Their validity period starts from activation. Click for detailed information and reservation.

There is also FASTPASS, so what is it?

What is Disneyland Paris Fastpass ticket What is Disneyland Paris Fastpass ticket

After you show your ticket and enter Disneyland Paris, you can ride all the toys throughout the day at no cost, unlimitedly.

Naturally, it is necessary to wait in line for a long time to take advantage of them.

Fortunately, there are FASTPASS vending machines next to most of the special attractions in the theme park. These vending machines eliminate the need to wait in the queue. If there is a FASTPASS vending machine near the toy you wish to get on, you can scan your ticket and get a coupon valid at a certain time.

It is written on the information boards at the toll booths which hours you can use the fast pass. Thanks to the coupon given to you, you can reach the attraction you want from the special entrance without waiting in line.

What is Disneyland Paris Fastpass What is Disneyland Paris Fastpass

Free fast pass system you can use it has some limitations.

If you have already scanned your ticket once, the system does not issue coupons for another toy within the same time zone. You can easily find out when the time has expired by looking at the coupon you have.

FASTPASS coupons with extra benefits are also available on the official website of Disneyland Paris. You can get Premium coupons by paying a certain amount in addition to the ticket price. If you have made your reservation at the Disneyland Hotel, you can also consider the VIP FASTPASS offer.

When to go to Disneyland Paris ?

When to go to Disneyland Paris when to go to Disneyland Paris

The way to maximize the pleasure from the Disneyland experience, it depends on choosing the right date for the trip.

Because of the hot weather, let alone waiting in the queue, walking to closed areas turns into torture.

Of course, on the weekends , Disneyland Paris welcomes quite a lot of visitors in times of good weather. In times of high interest, ticket prices also increase. For this reason, making a reservation over the internet becomes even more important.

Although the theme park is crowded at Christmas and New Year’s time, thanks to its sparkling decorations, it takes on a more colorful identity compared to other periods of the year. If the cold weather is not a problem for you, you can go to the park and enjoy this atmosphere soon on December 25 or January 1.

If summer is your preferred season for Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio excursion, you can visit week later suggest you plan strong>. Especially on Tuesday and Wednesday days, the park is having its quietest time. Consequently, ticket prices decrease to reasonable levels. If you can, you can coincide with your Paris trip, which also includes the park, in April or May.

There is a 3-hour difference in closing. In other words, Walt Disney Studios Park accepts visitors until 20.00. Disneyland Park closes at 23.00.

Entertainment enthusiasts staying at Disneyland Hotel are much more than the blessings of the theme park thanks to the application named “ Extra Magic Time “. gets the privilege of using it for a long time. The times this practice is valid varies throughout the year. While I was preparing this guide, Disneyland Hotel guests could benefit from the application in both main parts of the theme park between 08.30-09.30 .

How to get to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris map

Disneyland Paris map

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, 32 kilom between Disneyland and Paris city center There is a distance of around.

Shuttle Services

As I mentioned in the ticket purchasing section, one of the transportation alternatives is the shuttle services that serve between the city center and Disneyland Paris. In order to participate in these services, you can register for tours that offer a park ticket + transportation option. (Example tour: 1-Day Ticket + Shuttle )

Note: There are also services that only serve between the park and Paris airports, but I do not think they are very useful, keep in mind though.

2. RER Trains

Disneyland Paris train RER Disneyland Paris train RER

If you plan to reach the facility by your own means without participating in a tour, you can take advantage of the RER services because the trains Disneyland Paris is the last stop of the RER A line.

To be more specific, you can choose your hotel preferences like La Défense , Charles de Gaulle – Etoile , Auber , Châtelet – < You can do it between facilities strong> Les Halles , Gare de Lyon or Nation station.

With trains running on the RER A line, you can reach Zone 5 Located in Disneyland, it is reached in 40-50 minutes. It is only necessary to pay attention to a subject related to train services. Because there is another line that runs in the same direction as RER A, but moves towards a different route. So you should make sure that the trains passing through the station you expect are heading in the direction of Mame la Vallée Chessy Disneyland

By the way, especially in the morning. Be aware that trains may be busy during the early and evening returning hours. Be careful for theft etc.

Finally, apart from RER, Eurostar and TGV trains also provide direct access to the park.

3. Taxi

Taxis are the last option you can reach between Disneyland Paris and the city center.

In addition, it may not be easy to find a taxi in a place such as Disneyland Paris where all visitors leave at night.

Although the cost of taxis usually varies between 60-70 Euros, you can get the most reliable information from the hotel where you stay. id = “disneyland-park-must-visit-places-which ones”> Which places should be visited in Disneyland Park? Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris map. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Disneyland Park, the oldest part of the thematic amusement park, is a place for children with its colorful atmosphere.

In the evening, the 19th century American town theme, the birthplace of the Wild West phenomenon, has been chosen for the street, which has a completely different appearance with the activation of the lighting.

On Main Street, you can participate in horse-drawn tram and bus tours that will make it easier for you to explore the opportunities around. At the end of the tour, you can focus on the 4 parts that make Disneyland Park a fun place. Let’s talk about these sections briefly.


Disneyland Paris most important toys Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris most important toys Big Thunder Mountain Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris

One of the most popular toys in the park, Big Thunder Mountain Frontierland, home to the mli roller coaster, has a Wild West theme just like Main Street.

Because the Thunder Mesa Boat and Phantom Manor also promise fun-filled moments for their guests.

Children visiting Frontierland have the opportunity to have a pleasant time with their peers in Pocahontas Indian Village and Legend of Wild West.


Indiana Jones Disneyland Paris Indiana Jones Disneyland Paris Indiana Jones, Disneyland Paris

When you come to Adventureland, which attracts adventure seekers, you can first head towards Indiana Jones Temple of Peril , another popular attraction in the park.

In this episode, children are not forgotten either. For them, two beautiful areas called Pirates Beach and Enchanted Passage were prepared.


disneyland paris everything you need to know in 12 questions 601aa1b62b910

Fantasyland seems to have been designed entirely to enrich children’s imaginations. From Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, entertainment awaits children here, featuring all known Disney’s fairy-tale heroes. In fact, a parade called “ It’s a small world ” is held every hour to make the atmosphere feel more intense.

> Discoveryland

Space Mountain Disneyland Paris Space Mountain Disneyland Paris Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris < Science fiction te Thanks to its fun-filled content, Discoveryland welcomes all its visitors, from seven to seventy, with a happy expression on their faces.Thanks to this, I had a very enjoyable time.

So what kind of place is Walt Disney Studios?

Walt Disney Studios Paris tour Walt Disney Studios Paris tour

Opened in 2002, Walt Disney Studios Park is the second theme park operating within the Euro Disney Resort. As you can easily tell from its name, the park has a movie studio feel.

This is a perfect place to learn about the many things that happen in the background during the making of the Disney films.

But the children have not been forgotten, and toys such as Agrabah have been added to a part of the facility.

Most of Walt Disney Studios’ attractions are located in closed buildings. Naturally, walking around here is reminiscent of tours in studios Hollywood . You can make this experience even more impressive by joining Studio Tram Tour .

Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios

During the tour, you can see the decorations used in various films closely.

Because when you enter the film plateau where an oil tanker is located, the environment suddenly becomes active with earthquake, fire and flood disaster. If you sit on the left side of the vehicle, you can feel more clearly how realistic these effects are.

After the tour, you can turn your route to Tower of Terror , which is shown as one of the most enjoyable attractions of Disneyland Paris. The toy is placed inside a building that looks like a hotel.

Strange looking hotel attendants direct the adrenaline enthusiasts who first enter the elevator to the 12th floor. Then everyone sits down and the fun part begins. In other words, the elevator goes down without stopping and goes up at the same speed without waiting for a second. If the Tower of Terror is not enough, you can ride the Aerosmith themed Rock’s Roller Coaster . Crush’s Coaster is also very exciting, but according to Rock’n Roller Coaster it is short.

Disneyland Paris What and where to eat in?

What to eat in Disneyland Paris What to eat in Disneyland Paris

During your Disneyland Paris trip, you can easily access affordable food and beverage opportunities.

However, I would like to point out from the outset that the prices in restaurants are slightly above average.

Your second option for eating and drinking is the fast food shops located in Disney Village in the middle of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. The venues in the village have both rich menu and affordable prices.

As for my venue recommendations; Au Chalet de la Marionnette in Fantasyland and Cowboy Cookout Barbeque in Frontierland are ideal options for families with children.

Apart from these two venues < If you prefer strong> Cafe Hyperion-Videopolis , you can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the entertainment opportunities. Blue Lagoon Restaurant in Adventureland is also quite good, but a bit expensive.

You don’t necessarily have to spend money on food and drinks for your Disneyland trip. If you wish, you can bring your food with you and consume it in the recreational areas in the park. Do not hesitate about this, because when you look at any green area, you may encounter many visitors who have chosen this method.

When you go to Disney Village to quench your hunger, you can shop at the giant-sized store named after the brand.

If it is difficult to carry the products you buy to pamper yourself or make your loved ones happy, in the city center In addition to the Disney Store, there are many gift shops on Main Street. Do not leave shopping for the last minute just because these shops are close to the exit. Because when you see the rich variety of products, you may have trouble deciding what to buy and you may not realize how time passes.

​​ where to stay around Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris accommodation

Disneyland Paris accommodation

Usually travelers to Paris spend 1 days a month for Disneyland Paris. rivers.

You can take a look.

If Disneyland is your reason to go to Paris on its own, or you are traveling with your young children and want to spend 1-2 days in the park, if you want a hotel option close to the park instead of rushing in the accommodation, the first You can use your preference for D isneyland Hotel .

Located 5 minutes from both theme parks and train station, Disneyland Hotel has Victorian influences. The fairy tale-themed rooms of the 5-star facility are quite comfortable. The hotel, which fascinates children as well as adults with its variety of services, offers very special opportunities to entertainment enthusiasts who consider visiting theme parks.

For alternative accommodation options other than Disneyland Hotel, Val d’Europe limits. There are 4 hotels that I can recommend to you in the settlement that hosts the famous outlet shopping center Vallée Village. These hotels include L’Elysée Val d’Europe , Residhome Val d’Europe , Relais Spa Chessy Val d’Europe and Aparthotel Adagio Marne La Vallée – Val d’Europe .

What other things you need to know with Disneyland Paris? ?

Disneyland Paris holiday Disneyland Paris holiday

Suitcase Trust

If you need to go directly from the airport to Disneyland or vice versa, your luggage is with you If there is, you can entrust your belongings to the “ storage ” section for a small fee.

Apart from the height limitation, it is also stated that some attractions are not suitable for pregnant women and heart patients. You can learn the rules about the toy you intend to ride through the printed map or mobile application.


Maps also include the attractions and eating- drinking is also of great importance in terms of learning the location of shopping opportunities. You can find carefully prepared maps at the entrance of the park.


Some attractions are maintenance etc. It can be closed during the year for reasons. Updated information about these is shared with visitors on the official website. If you don’t want gaps in your travel schedule, you can check this list before Disneyland Paris trip.


When you download the mobile application to your smartphone, you can check the hours of the activities taking place in the parks You can get information about how many rows where there are, except to find out the locations of toilets, smoking areas, restaurants and stores.

For current prices, you can visit


Smoking is strictly prohibited in both theme parks, except for certain areas. You can learn the locations of these areas through signs.


Thematic areas between 10.00-11.30 and 17.00-18.00 are very secluded. Likewise, there is almost no queue in front of the toys during the parade.

Priority Entry

If Disneyland Hotel < If you stay at / strong>, you can use the application I mentioned before and enter the park much earlier.

If you are staying at one of the hotels on site, you may consider purchasing the packages that include both the parking ticket and the hotel reservation. Walt Disney Studios Park closes earlier than the other episode. If you don’t want to miss anything, you can prioritize this section in your travel schedule.


If you intend to watch the parade that symbolizes the closing of the park, I suggest you don’t start early.

This way, you won’t have to wait in a long queue at the general login. Disneyland Paris recommendations

Disneyland Paris recommendations

Throughout the Disneyland Paris content, I tried to share very detailed information and photos about the city’s world-famous sightseeing spot. If you have anything to add about Disneyland Paris, please share it with us by commenting.

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