Do Not Say Hamburger!

Do Not Say Hamburger!
Do Not Say Hamburger!

This Present Day, 5 of travel hamburgers, french fries, ketchup, mayonnaise and bitter drink shape a part of daily diet. Then Again, research show that consuming one or extra hamburgers per week considerably will increase the risk of asthma in kids.

Allergist Prof. Dr. Yonca Tabak Nuhoğlu states that, in latest years, foods equivalent to hamburgers and an identical meals that have grow to be a part of children’s lives and feature no nutritional value, however are to consume, result in bronchial asthma over time. He says that as recurrent coughs and wheezing enhance, and while anorexia arises from these illnesses, families have seen that families give speedy food-style foods to children as a praise simply to devour one thing.

Allergy Professional Prof. Dr. Yonca Tabak Nuhoğlu; attracts consideration to the truth that kids who eat THREE or more hamburgers a week have a FORTY% increase in bronchial asthma possibility in comparison to folks who by no means consume. He mentions that those numbers are very high and it’s necessary to attract consideration to nutrients of kids.

The Relationship Between Nutrition and Asthma

Allergic Reaction Expert Prof. Dr. Yonca Tabak Nuhoğlu says that as opposed to consuming recent greens and fruits, latest youngsters prefer ready-made foods with high fats, high calorie and low nutrition worth. She attracts attention to the reality that chocolate, cocoa pudding, hazelnut paste with cocoa spread on bread, and dairy products with cocoa are on the vitamins lists of kindergartens. Cocoa, that is used to make children consume milk and dairy meals, increases gastric acid secretion and caffeine has a soothing impact at the abdomen head. He states that it brings usa acidic abdomen contents up in the course of the swallow tube. Dr. Yonca Tabak says that stomach acid, which progresses by damaging many tissues, first burns workout lower end of swallow tube and then goes up and reaches covid trachea. He emphasizes that this acidic content, that is recognized to escape first to vocal cords, then to bronchial mucosa or even to fitnessmotivation nostril and sinuses, reasons recurrent coughs and wheezing sicknesses that do not heal in a protracted time as a result of the damage it reasons to tissues.Dr. Yonca Tabak Nuhoğlu emphasizes that training identify of this example is reflux and that it is the biggest problem that kids also face as of late because of unhealthy vitamins. He states that children who come to travel physician with vague symptoms reminiscent of evening coughs, hoarseness, sputum, loss of urge for food, stomach ache, nausea, belching, bad breath and tooth grinding, which don’t leave regardless of antibiotics for a long time, ceaselessly obtain pointless asthma remedy. In such cases, he emphasizes that reflux may also be simply avoided through re-arranging nutrition of the child, and that a common and healthy diet will likely be enough to do away with all these respiration problems.

Hypersensitivity Professional Prof. Dr. Yonca Tabak Nuhoğlu strongly recommends that drinks containing caffeine equivalent to cola, tea, espresso, and iced tea must be excluded from nature children’s diet, and cocoa, which is the biggest supply of caffeine, is not going to be used as a way of consuming milk anymore. He states that chocolate and cocoa in its content material create a kind of addiction in youngsters, and these meals taken out of children’s vitamins can assist them achieve a consuming addiction over the years, even if there is a difficulty.He underlines that the one vitamin confirmed to give protection to towards bronchial asthma and allergic diseases is travel Mediterranean nutrition that incorporates a variety of fruits, greens and fish.

10 Meals To Circumvent Child Nutrition

1- Chocolate and cocoa foods

2- Cocoa hazelnut paste

3- Cola drinks

4- Tea, coffee and iced tea

FIVE- French fries, chips

6- Ketchup

7- Mayonnaise

EIGHT- In A Position-made fruit juices and carbonated drinks

NINE- Hamburger, pizza, lahmacun

10- Sausage containing dense spices, uncooked meatballs and so forth. meals


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