Eat healthy and stop cancer!

Eat healthy and stop cancer!
Eat healthy and stop cancer!

It is known that a healthy diet prevents all diseases. These diseases include cancer. A regular and healthy diet significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Expert Dietitian Şebnem Kandıralı drew attention to the consumption of fresh vegetables and said, “Especially focus on cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, radish and cauliflower due to their anti-cancer properties”

Expert Dietitian Şebnem Kandıralı, who stated that a healthy and nutritious diet has a very important place for those undergoing cancer treatment, said what needs to be considered in order to increase both the effectiveness of the treatment and the quality of life.

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Expert Dietitian Şebnem Kandıralı drew attention to the consumption of fresh vegetables and said, “Especially because of their anti-cancer properties, cabbage, broccoli, Give weight to cruciferous vegetables such as radish and cauliflower.” attached. Cancer cells thrive on sugar, and insulin is a growth factor for many tumors.

They cause excessive sugar intake. “Eat whole fruits.” They contain omega 6 fatty acids and saturated fat. They are processed in the body and converted to 5-LOX (5-lipoxygenase), an inflammatory enzyme that causes cancer development and proliferation. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. These; flaxseed, chia seeds, cherries, olives, soybeans, seaweed, dark berries, strawberries, cold water fish, green tea, ginger, and nuts. And let’s not forget omega-3, which helps to relieve inflammation. Consume immunity-boosting foods. Garlic, onion, ginger, green tea, yogurt, oats, barley, and mushrooms etc. The natural compounds they contain prevent the proliferation and spread of cancer cells. Add turmeric to your meals. Its key component, curcumin, has been shown to play an active role in the fight against cancer in a number of studies. Although clinical studies are in the early stages, studies to date show that effective results can be obtained in breast, uterus, cervix, prostate and gastrointestinal system cancers. >

Indicating that body weight should be kept at normal levels as much as possible, Kandıralı made the following suggestions to prevent cancer:

* Your body mass index (your weight divided by your height) squared) must be less than 25.

There are convincing results that physical activity prevents colon cancer.

* Limit energy-dense foods, sugary drinks, and fast food. Eat a vegetable-based diet. Consume at least 3-5 servings of raw or cooked vegetables a day.

* Limit red meat consumption to 1-2 times a week and avoid processed meat products. Consume fish 1-3 days a week.

* Try not to consume alcoholic beverages. If we do, do not consume more than two drinks per day for men and one drink for women with meals.

* Limit salt consumption. Since sodium is present in all the foods we eat, do not exceed 6 grams (1 wiping dessert spoon) in daily consumption.

* Try to meet your nutritional needs with diet alone, do not take any dietary supplements.

* Limit consumption of refined starchy foods (any food made from white flour).

* Choose relatively unprocessed grains and legumes to increase fiber consumption.

* Choose whole-wheat and whole-grain products, oats, rye, bulgur, millet, barley, etc.

* Reduce your consumption of hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fat and margarine instead Prefer foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3,6,9).

* Prefer walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, fish, vegetable oils, flaxseeds, olives .

These include green tea, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, red grapes, citrus fruits, strawberries, cherries, melons, cranberries, apricots, pink and red grapefruits, pineapples, currants, garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, radish, celery, red and green pepper, cucumber, zucchini, spinach, sweet potato, parsley, arugula, cress, dill, fennel, rosemary, tomatoes and their products, cocoa powder, fish, cinnamon, ginger, curry, thyme, mint, basil , dry beans. It is good to consume them.

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