Saturday, October 16, 2021

‘Every day is Groundhog Day’ now thanks to COVID-19, Twitter laments

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A longer winter makes no difference under lockdown.

Thought Punxatawney Phil’s prediction of a prolonged winter wasn’t depressing enough?

The endlessly witty Twitterati decided to ring in Groundhog Day 2021 by joking that every day is never-ending during the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen most countries in lockdown since last spring.

“My phone just reminded me that tomorrow is Groundhog Day. But… at this point, every day is #GroundhogDay!” snarked one nihilistic Twitter user about the “day”-ja-vu.

Scores of other tweeters included wry GIFs from 1993’s classic Bill Murray comedy “Groundhog Day,” in which a cynical meteorologist covering the annual tradition becomes trapped in a time loop, and is forced to relive Feb. 2 repeatedly.

Groundhog day vibes since March 2020. Everyday’s a COVID day. Happy Groundhog Day! #pandemiclife #GroundhogDay

— • Emily Therese • (@ActuallyMeEmily) February 2, 2021

“Welcome to 2021, where #GroundhogDay feels like a documentary,” joked another in reference to the flick.

#GroundhogDay AKA the last 325 days.

— George Atallah (@GeorgeAtallah) February 2, 2021

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One cynical social-media user quipped, “It’s #GroundhogDay today. Hang on, wait. Hasn’t it been that for the past 9 months?!”

They were obviously referencing the global stay-at-home orders, which have been in effect in most countries for nearly a year now.

“What if we wake up tomorrow & it’s #GroundhogDay 2020,” wrote one Twitter user, alluding to the tumultuous events of last year, which saw everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to Asian Hornets invading the US.

Unfortunately, between the riots at the Capitol and the rampant COVID vaccine shortages, 2021 is so far looking a lot like day-ja-vu.

Groundhog Day 2021:
if Fauci wakes up and sees his shadow there will be 6 more months of Covid

— Alex Ungerman 📣 (@Alex_Ungerman) February 1, 2021

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