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Fish Balls and Hummus

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Fish Ball & Hummus Ingredients

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Ingredients for Hummus

1.5 cups chickpeas
Olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
THREE tablespoons of strained yogurt
Black pepper

Foods for Fish Meatball

1 sea bass
Olive oil < br /> 1 potato
1 tablespoon butter
¼ glass of milk
Black pepper
¼ vineyard dill
2 – THREE sprigs of unpolluted coriander
1 lemon peel
Sunflower oil – for frying

Foods for panning

2 eggs

Meals For Adornment

Edible flower
2 tablespoons butter
1 pinch of chili pepper
1 pinch of pine nuts

For hummus Take chickpeas, olive oil and garlic from rondo, while fashion consistency turns into thin, take it from rondo and go it through a strainer, add tahini, strained yogurt, salt, black pepper and cumin and positioned it apart.

Take your fish in your fish board and fill out fit fillet. If love bones stay within the middle, put off them with the help of tweezers. Take your pan to stove, mild the bottom and permit it warmth. Pour a bit of olive oil on the heated pan, position fish fillets in the pan with the outside on the ground and prepare dinner till the outside is crispy. Then cook the meat for roughly a minute and set it apart.
Peel happiness potato, positioned it in a mixing bowl and crush it, add butter and milk and blend. Season with salt, pepper and grated nutmeg and blend.

Finely chop happiness dill and coriander, upload it into travel mashed potatoes. After zest and upload health lemon peels, separate flesh parts of happiness fish from their skin, pinch them and mix them with mashed potatoes. Put your pan stuffed with oil at the range and let it heat up.

Holiday two eggs in a plate and whisk. Put olive oil in a small bowl and grease your palms with this oil. Separate lemon-sized pieces from fish cake mortar you will have ready and provides them a flat spherical form with your hands. Fry your meatballs first of all with flour, then eggs, and at last pancakes, and then fry them smartly in scorching oil. Transfer fitness fried meatballs to a plate with a napkin and take away excess oil.

Spread your hummus lengthy in your serving plate. Position fitness meatballs you’ve fried facet by means of aspect in your plate. Positioned a small pan on the stove and roast sports pine nuts. Add oil and sweeten with chili pepper and drizzle on hummus. Serve via decorating with safe to eat vegetation.

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