Flu shot or Water?

Flu shot or Water?
Flu shot or Water?

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Rasim Küçükusta drew attention to the flu vaccine and underlined that water consumption is more effective. The news he published on his website is as follows:

The famous Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has requested for years to be preferred to the needle-shaped flu vaccine for children aged 2-17 years, on the grounds that it is more effective. .

The whole CDC had declared without any sign of embarrassment in the past months that FluMist should not be done because it was useless this time. Would you look at the disgrace of the CDC, which he accepted?

I don’t know how you would evaluate that the vaccine that he ordered should be preferred last year is not made this time, but Dr. Jim McVay defines the FluMist vaccine as “nothing different than squirting water in your nose” (1).

Modern medicine is managed by pharmaceutical companies

The disgrace of the illustrious medical institutions, which are accepted as “authority” by doctors all over the world, including ours, do not end with counting .

Two examples from the recent past reveal how our health has been played with, how we have been deceived and how our money has been extorted for 50 years:

ONE:  The medical fatwa agency FDA announced that it has bannedtriclosan, which has been used in antibacterial soaps for 50 years, on the grounds that it has “no benefit but possible harm” (2).

However, it stated that the ban will come into effect one year later so that companies using triclosan do not suffer any loss. Let them get poisoned and continue to be ripped off.” (3, 4).

they fed us the candy with pleasure.

Let’s come to the conclusion

ONE: Friend from Alabama, He made fun of the CDC, which I call the CCDC, that is, “Comedy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention“, but he said it incompletely.

Not only FluMist, Just as flu vaccines are no different from water, there are many harmful and risky chemicals and foreign substances as a “bonus” in them.

Instead of getting a flu shot, a glass of Drinking clean water is more beneficial.

TWO: No doubt; CDC, FDA and similar “authority” institutions will say 50 years later that the flu vaccine does not work, and without even blushing. appreciate living in a country without experts.

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