Foods for blood pressure

Researchers explained that fruits and greens wealthy in potassium, reminiscent of melons, watermelons, and tomatoes, decrease blood drive.

in step with the scoop in Zaman, in a observe performed at UT Southwestern Clinical Center, researchers found that foods containing potassium reduce high blood power, patients’ potassium store watermelon and an excessively tasty small melon with slice traces at the best. He mentioned that he must devour cantaloupe melon regularly.

Cantaloupe melon incorporates 800-900 grams of potassium in a quarter, and this quantity alone supplies 20 p.c of our day-to-day potassium requirement.

in addition to melons and watermelons, usa researchers delivered that dried apricots, avocados, figs, oranges, raisins, beans, potatoes, tomatoes or even grapes are foods that contain potassium.

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