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Fresh blood analysis

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My bet is that in last two decades I’ve had 10000 people blood examined for my research. What I’ve observed has a simpler that means than anything i will be able to say in words in this software. …

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My wager is that during fitness final two decades I Have done a blood test on ten thousand folks for my research. What I’ve noticed has a more practical meaning than anything i will say in words on this software. taking a look at those examples, i believe you can agree: someone who has a standard vitamin that includes acidic foods looks completely different from somebody who eats alkaline meals. Through watching the diversities within the blood I tested, I reached the principles of Miracle of pH and each new blood take a look at strengthened the effects.

My technique of fixing fit blood sooner than putting it underneath microscope and hanging it throughout the slide is other from standard laboratory exams. Staining will help show white blood cells, sickle cells, micro organism, or another specific condition, but adding those chemical substances to blood can impact blood samples and alter their look. Or on your doctor’s place of business, health blood taken from nature is put in a tube, sent to lab, processed to split more than a few components and weighed with a special gadget to degree blood density – no microscope is needed.

And the overall objective of these checks is to quantify (eg how many white blood cells are there? what number of pink blood cells are there?); not measuring attributes like mine (what is state of love cells?). It Will be suitable to make use of them in diagnoses or for pathological effects.

(But Even So my very own methodology, I continuously do standard blood tests as it is useful to measure each quality and amount. the consequences can confirm my observations. In any case, you can have a look at the largest picture you’ll see in a majority of these tactics.

I’m more involved in the quality of blood cells than their number. I Have different strategies that complement one another. First, fresh blood research. I take blood from capillary at the fingertip, position it in a double-sided slide, and then in an instant position it underneath a powerful microscope that filters the light and presentations usa gadgets as different shades of grey. I mission the picture live to tell the tale a video monitor. the purpose is to look blood alive as quickly as it leaves health body, and to look at cells and the surroundings they are living in.

All this permits nature to look fashion structure and power of purple and white blood cells, besides because the cleanliness of covid plasma fluid surrounding them.

My 2d technique is dry blood analysis, or life mycotoxic oxidative energy check (SO MUCH) as I call it. This time, I placed blood taken from fingertip on the slide and allow it dry within the outdoor. Then I examine it beneath an impressive microscope, the use of vivid gentle. So Much of the light passes in the course of the blood pattern, appearing details such as the amount of blood clotting, cell disruption, irritation, irritation, congestion, acidosis, parasite symptoms, and even positive organ imbalances. What I’m on the lookout for in this take a look at is in particular the way blood coagulates. under pressure implemented in various ways; me sample deviates from the normal.

the most useful feature of are living and dry blood exams is that it provides early warning of possible illnesses. Problems for your frame can be detected as abnormalities in the blood long sooner than they grow to be signs of sickness. you see onset of signs earlier than they grow to be obvious. These exams are higher than preventive drugs.

If you’re taking motion to right kind what you spot, you can provide yourself with protection from the indications and prerequisites observed within the blood first, ahead of disease progresses.

What we want to be told generally with these blood assessments are:
• Crimson blood cells in phrases of dimension, shape and symmetry. status
• stage of activity of photography immune system (through the vitality of white blood cells)
• presence of blood clots or blood clotting marketers
• presence of parasites, yeast, fungi, bacteria and / or mildew
• vascular layers, noble cells, fibrous roots, crystalline systems such as uric acid, cholesterol and sport presence of crystalline exotoxins and / or mycotoxins
• protein lots as an indicator of cell degradation and / or inflammation
• acidity degree and results of acidity
Also, in the samples I Have noticed, i will see signs of the next conditions:
• Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, ovaries, breast and issues in different organs
• Gastrointestinal (stomach and intestinal) dysfunctions.


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