Halva-I Hakani

Foods for Halva-İ Hakani Recipe

  • SEVENTY FIVE gr flour
  • 50 gr wheat starch
  • 60 gr rice flour < li> THREE HUNDRED ml milk
  • THREE HUNDRED ml honey
  • ONE HUNDRED FIFTY gr cream

the way to Make Halva-İ Hakani?

  • After peeling shells, separate a few almonds for adornment and beat the rest in a mortar. Mix me starch and flour in a bowl.
  • Boil happy milk in a separate place, upload information honey and stay it warm. Melt motivation butter in a pot and switch off stove. Whilst oil cools down a little, add flour.
  • Turn covid hob again on and fry sports flour through stirring with a picket spoon. Add art almonds and fry on low heat till it changes colour.
  • Flip down the heat well and add the new milk and honey mixture. Combine neatly with a wooden spoon. Quilt pan with a paper towel and cover and depart to rest for 20 minutes.
  • Divide health cream into small pieces and upload it at the same time as workout halva is warm. Combine and enhance with rose water or cinnamon.
  • if you desire, you’ll be able to serve sport halva-i hakani dessert with vanilla ice cream. Bon appetit already.

What are the key Issues of Halva-i Hakani Dessert?

  • In Order for halva not to persist with art pot, it’ll be blended frequently with a wooden spoon.
  • In halva making Butter have to be used.
  • If sports consistency of fashion halva is cushy, you’ll upload rice flour and starch step by step.
  • to keep semolina alive, you’ll drop a few drops of olive oil.
  • if you happen to want, you can upload chopped walnuts and hazelnuts into halva.

what number of energy is 1 section of Halva-i Hakani?

  • Halva- One serving of i hakani dessert is ready 270 calories. because it has top sugar and carbohydrate value, it may be consumed carefully. if you happen to wish, you’ll also try semolina halva prepared with less foods.

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