Herbal teas are widely consumed.

Herbal teas are widely consumed.
Herbal teas are widely consumed.

The arrival of winter, the increase in diseases, the increase in complaints such as cough, phlegm, and weakness lead people to herbal teas.

As the weather gets colder, citizens use basil, marshmallow flower, licorice root, ginger, turmeric to avoid cold-related diseases. He turns to plants such as cinnamon, hibiskus. Upon warnings that the air temperatures will drop further, citizens make tea with the herbs and herbal mixtures they buy. Stating that there has been a great interest in winter plants recently, Serkan Karademir, who has been a herbalist for 20 years, said, “The weather will be very cold this year. That’s why people turned to herbal medicine.”

Basil for cough
Serkan Karademir said that basil is used extensively for diseases such as cough, chest tenderness, phlegm and indigestion. stated that it is preferred. Karademir said, “Citizens want basil to soften the chest and remove phlegm. It is very popular, it attracts attention. It really softens the chest and stops coughing.” He stated that various mixtures were used. Karademir said, “This winter season, sage, marshmallow and licorice are among the most preferred ones. It’s a perfect mix. By mixing ginger, turmeric, grape seed extract with original honey, in the evening, when you eat it, it is an expectorant, cough suppressant. It is beneficial in conditions such as inflammation and cold. Linden is also a preferred tea in winter. Plants such as resistance-enhancing cinnamon, hibiscus, and rose hips both increase the body’s resistance and prevent colds as it accelerates blood resistance. Lavender flower softens the chest, yarrow removes inflammations in the body and increases body resistance,” he said.

Source: İHA / Lider Olgun – Serhat Demir

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