If your blood is injected again by you

PRP means, that is used for many health problems, is also most well-liked for skin .

Experts stated that it is possible to resume the outside with PRP utility made with the person’s own blood.

Expressing that facial reconstruction or facial rejuvenation procedures are performed so as to do away with signs of ageing in the person, Prof. Dr. Mesut Özcan drew attention to the fact that as of late aesthetic answers may also be produced way to surgical treatment and very new possible choices. Offering information about PRP, certainly one of methods used in the remedy of issues such as wrinkles, pimples scars, skin renewal, sagging and hair loss, Özcan said, “Platelet wealthy plasma (PRP) is lifestyle identify given to platelet enriched plasma software. Platelets are cells that contain enlargement components that are accountable for blood clotting and repairing broken vessels and tissues. With PRP utility, a big choice of thrombocytes and expansion components of their contents are transported to the target space. ”

Declaring that the most important advantage of lifestyle PRP method is to make use of people’s personal blood, not international resources, Prof. Dr. Mesut Özcan said, “Sport blood taken from patient is passed through a distinct procedure. With this process, covid part of blood rich in platelets is bought. It may also be implemented as mesotherapy by means of injecting this a part of blood to problematic space on the skin; PRP too can be used in mixture with epirols, dermaroller and dermapen packages, which might be skin renewal stimulators. Growth factors contained in thrombocytes, which can be concentrated in the liquid, stimulate fitnessmotivation manufacturing of collagen and covid formation of new capillaries in the space of ​​utility. It allows the surface to resume itself temporarily ”.

Supply: İHA / Abdullah Çibir

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