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Information about the Tower of London

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Baharın gelmesiyle birlikte parfüm kullanımında artış görülüyor. Ancak astım hastalarının dikkatli olmalarında fayda var; çünkü parfümlerin çoğu güvenli...

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Kortizon deyince tedavisinden ziyade yan etkileri akla geliyor. Ancak alerjik bronşit ya da diğer adıyla astım ataklarının önlenmesinde...

Alerjik Hastalıklara Kesin Çözüm

Alerji; insanın savunma sisteminin genellikle zararsız maddelere karşı verdiği abartılı tepkidir ve genellikle çocukluk çağında başlayarak uzun yıllar, hatta...
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Information about Tower of London, Tower of London
Table of Contents
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Tower of London – Information about the Tower of London Tower of London Parts of the Tower of London White Tower – White Tower Jewel House – Crown Jewelery Collection Bloody Tower – Bloody TowerTower Green – Green Tower Beuchamp Tower Royal Armament Medieval Palace St John’s ChapelTower of London Where and How to Go: Castle of London Current Entry Fees Tower of London Visiting Days and Hours

London ‘s former royal palace, old mint, old zoo, permanent site of royal jewels and weapons , once the most feared prison… Yes Tower of London (Tower of London) all of these.

Past 1000s Although it was once a feared place due to the brutal events in the history of Tower of London , which dates back to the very beginning of the provinces, today it is one of the magnificent, aesthetic and remarkable tourist spots in the city.

At the same time, 35 Royal Guard , named Beefaters , still wearing uniforms from the Tudor Period, are permanent residents of the castle and ravens believed to end the British Monarchy if they leave. , Lady Jane Gray , who was once the Queen for 9 days among those who were imprisoned here and subsequently executed, VIII. Henry’s wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard , VIII. Opposing Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas More , Lord Dudley and her brothers , who were punished for supporting Jane Gray’s reign, VI. The story of Henry will also be waiting for you here.

You can read our Places to Visit in London article to learn about not only the Tower of London but also all the sights in the city.

History of the Tower of London

Information about the Tower of London, date

The history of the Tower of London is actually the first in 1078 .

This tower, which was built to protect the city, was added by the following kings in time. However, the Tower of London is mostly III. It was enlarged in the time of Henry, the King built the inner wall surrounding the castle with 13 towers and this time Royal Jewels were also moved here.

In the following centuries the building was used as a mint, weapon production was made, a it was an intermediate zoo, but most painfully functioned as a prison where noble or ordinary prisoners were tortured.

Tower of London Sections

 Places to see in Tower of London

I briefly mentioned the centuries-old tradition of guardianship of the Tower of London and some of the nobility detained here. . When you visit the castle, you will be able to observe their stories in more detail. Now it’s time to talk a little bit about the Tower of London sections, where and what.

White Tower – White Tower

Tower of London Places to visit White Tower

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is the oldest part of the castle.

The walls of the White Tower, the tallest building in London when it was completed in 1097 , are also 5 meters thick.

Jewel House – Royal Jewels Collection

Tower of London Jewel House London travel

Royal crowns decorated with the most expensive stones Royal Jewelery Collection is one of the most interesting places in the Tower of London.

In the collection displayed here, the Saint Edward’s Crown weighing 2.2 kilograms, VI. There are nearly 3000 diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls, the Imperial Scepter adorned with the largest diamond in the world, and other jewels, made for George’s ascension and later used as the official imperial crown.

Bloody Tower – Bloody Tower

Tower of London Bloody Tower section

King III.

Of course, this is thought to be the crime scene, as the skeleton of the killed children was found in this tower nearly 200 years later. Otherwise, there is not very clear information about this incident. Today there are exhibitions about this sad event at the Bloody Tower.

Tower Green – The Green Tower

If there is an ordinary prisoner in London Castle and If he was to be executed, it would be done in Tower Hill, in the public eye. However, if a Royal Family or aristocratic prisoner was to be executed, it would be Tower Green . Ki Jane Gray, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard are the queens executed here.

Beuchamp Tower

Aristocratic prisoners were of course not the same as those of the common people, and much more. is fine The Tower of Beuchamp , where the nobles with their servants are imprisoned, is where these aristocrats are imprisoned.

Royal Armory

VIII. The section hosting the collection of Royal Weapons created by Henry and expanded afterwards.

Medieval Palace

Tower of London to be seen in London places

Tower of London castle complex is located on the banks of the River Themes and in 1220 III.

And it is one of the stops that you should definitely stop by on the Tower of London tour.

Where and How to Go Tower of London?

Where and how to get to the Tower of London

You can reach Tower of London, located on the banks of the Themes River, by subway, train or bus.

By subway; You can get off at Tower Hill Station using the District or Circle subway lines. By bus; You can reach by buses 15, 42, 78, 100 and RV1. By train; You can get off at Frenchurch Street Station and walk for 5 minutes.

Tower of London – To learn about accommodation alternatives around the Tower of London or in any part of London, Where to Stay in London? We recommend you to read our article.

Tower of London Current Entry Fees

How far is the Tower of London entry

Let me list the Tower of London entrance fees according to the type of visitor.

For adults ; £ 22.70 for students over 16 years old and £ 17.70 for those over 60 years old For children aged 5-15; 10.75 Pounds

If you want to buy tickets online, you can buy the Tower of London on official website .

Also, if you have a London Pass card I would like to point out that London Castle tickets are also free .

Apart from that, it is open to visitors every day of the year and visiting hours are also… During the winter months (1 November – 28 February) It is open between 09: 00-16: 30. In the summer months (1 March – 31 October) Open between 09:00 – 17:30.

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