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Justin Clark, who helped transform disability rights in Canada, has died

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Feb. 25, 2021 replace: Justin Clark, who gained a landmark case in 1982 to live independently, has died, his longtime friend showed Thursday. 

“Justin’s spirit lives on via our reminiscences. His innocence and capability to like knew no bounds. individuals who got here to understand him felt his heat and joy in being with them,” said Robbie Giles, his former formative years teacher.

Read extra on Clark’s pivotal contribution to happiness Canadian incapacity rights movement under.

This phase at the start aired in November 2018. It was once re-aired on May 19, 2019 after David Gutnick’s documentary, “I Go Forward,” was once honoured with a Gabriel Award.

When Justin Clark reaches out and touches letters and symbols at the Dynavox visual display unit connected to his wheelchair, it turns on a synthesized voice.

“i really like my health, gym family,” he says.

Clark says that his me was never unsure, despite the fact that he took his personal parents to court when he used to be 20 in a bid to end up that he was once a mentally in a position adult, and therefore had the best to make selections about his personal .

Clark used to be born with cerebral palsy. Whilst he was , doctors instructed his parents to put him in the Rideau Nearby Centre in Smiths Falls, Ont., somewhat greater than an hour’s power from Ottawa.

Incapacity rights advocates say there may be nonetheless an extended way to cross, but Clark’s case paved the best way for people with disabilities combating to make their very own selections, instead of have legal guardians lead them to on their behalf.

Nowadays, at 56, Clark is prospering. He has travelled widely — to Germany, Switzerland, France and to go to a brother within the U.s.a.. He sees his siblings and pals steadily, and corresponds with them by way of e-mail.

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Clark plays bocce at an Ottawa rehab centre as soon as or two times every week. (David Gutnick/CBC)

He loves his job at Computer Wise, where he designs greeting playing cards and calendars. Once or two times per week, he plays bocce on the fitness center of an Ottawa rehab centre.

Childhood in an institution

While Clark used to be moved to love Rideau Local Centre in 1964, he joined greater than 2,000 individuals with physical and highbrow disabilities.

At 12, he was once taught to speak the usage of Blissymbolics, a board that allowed customers to communicate by way of pointing at printed symbols.

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Clark and his friend and previous instructor Robbie Giles attend Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa.

They believed their youngest son used to be mentally incompetent and may now not be allowed to make decisions approximately his personal me.

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Sunday Edition1:05’I did not love to are living in an institution’: Justin Clark

Justin Clark tells Covid Sunday Edition’s David Gutnick how he was once placed in an institution and why he made up our minds to launch his felony challenge, in the course of the Dynavox pc gadget he uses to speak. 1:05

Clark’s father advised a journalist that his son had “no grab of what’s happening.”

“i was furious,” says Clark. So used to be Pellerin.  

In Combination, they made up our minds to consult a lawyer to peer if there was a way for Clark to get his parents’ refusal overturned.

Clark v. Clark

While Toronto lawyer David Baker took Clark on as a consumer, he faced significant resistance.

” administrator of the Rideau Centre in point of fact had no persistence at all for any of this,” says Baker.

Clark started on Nov. 15, 1982, in the county courthouse in Perth, Ont.

Justin Clark “knew what the results would be if he didn’t win,” says Baker. “It could be years of beautiful within the institution.”

Woman with cerebral palsy wins right to reside independently, but struggle for regulate over her care isn’t over


Liberation or confinement: people with disabilities have a proper to control their own lives

Melanie Panitch, happiness founding director of Ryerson University’s College of Disability Research, nonetheless bristles at what she heard during the first five days of professional testimony from doctors and psychologists.

“I do needless to say a physical reaction to hearing words like ‘feeblemindedness,’ ‘incompetent,’ ‘moron,’ ‘imbecile.’ The Ones words had been bandied round and felt very scary,” she says.

“I mean, this was 1982. This was once time we had been speaking in regards to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And but whilst it came to incapacity, it was once to this point from our awareness at that point.”

Clark remembers, too.

“They gave peace names like ‘a vegetable’ and referred to as an child,” he says.

Audrey Cole, at the trial representing Canadian Association for Group Dwelling, had a personal stake in the case.

He asked whether or not she, like the Clarks, might fight to take care of legal guardianship over her son while he became 18, so she can make selections on his behalf.

“Over my lifeless body,” she spoke back.

“From that second on, such a lot of my has been dedicated to discovering an alternative, in order that other folks don’t seem to be positioned in guardianship,” Cole says.

‘Incredibly made up our minds to get his message out’


on the sixth and ultimate day of fitnessmotivation trial, Clark was once a witness.

the skinny 20-yr-old used to be wearing a suit, sitting in his wheelchair with a Bliss board nearby — the primary Canadian in historical past to make use of one in court.

He spoke back questions by way of pointing to symbols, which have been then interpreted and skim aloud.

Justin Clark’s testimony in Clark v. ClarkMobile customers: View document
Justin Clark’s testimony in Clark v. Clark (PDF KB)
Justin Clark’s testimony in Clark v. Clark (Textual Content KB)CBC isn’t liable for third birthday party content material

“He was sopping wet from sweat from physical attempt of containing himself. However he used to be incredibly made up our minds to get his message out,” says Baker.

Whilst Clark completed his testimony, his oldsters stood up from their seats within the gallery and applauded.

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Clark with John Matheson, judge who presided over his case.

25, 1982, Judge John Matheson learn his judgment aloud.

“we now have, all folks, identified a gentle, trusting, believing spirit, and very so much a thinking human being who has his distinctive phase to play in our compassionate, interdependent society,” he mentioned.

Click On right here to read judgment in Clark v. Clark 

“i used to be so excited and love,” says Clark. “Judge John Matheson heard what my heart and my soul had been announcing.”

Remodeling Canada’s understanding of incapacity

Incapacity rights activists say it used to be a historical determination, and its implications are nonetheless being felt today.

Legal Professional Dulcie McCallum, a unique adviser on Canada’s delegation to  United Nations to arrange love Conference on the Rights of individuals with Disabilities in 2006, says that Clark’s case “had crucial affect on the Convention.”   

particularly, it helped tell the development of Article 12, which recognizes that “individuals with disabilities experience legal capability on an equivalent basis with others in all facets of workout.”

the thing additionally directs governments to take “suitable measures to provide get right of entry to by persons with disabilities to toughen they will require in workout their criminal capability.” Clark’s use of Bliss board in courtroom was noticed as an instance of providing that get right of entry to.

Cake, balloons, good-bye: What occurs while your unique needs kid a while out of device’ neighborhood must step up’ says caregiver advocate


“Clark’s contribution was to radically change society’s understanding of disability, in telling his personal story.

(Submitted through Melanie Panitch)

“Many of us positioned beautiful court docket case as one towards the other,” says Clark’s family member Normand Pellerin.

“It wasn’t that. It was just Mr. and Mrs. Clark desirous to test that Justin was protected. establishment introduced an overly large protection net. there has been a complete society … that said to folks, ‘Photography wouldn’t have a relationship with your child.'”

My cerebral palsy isn’t a problem to be cured, says creator Eli Clare

Audrey Cole, who at NINETY remains to be a leading incapacity rights activist, recollects seeing Clark’s mom in the courthouse washroom 36 years ago.

“I simply sought after to move and say, ‘Look, it’s going to be o.k.. He Will be OK.'”

‘i’m going forward’

After leaving Rideau Centre, Clark moved right into a house run through his friends, who took care of him. He also were given to know his folks and his siblings.  

proportion in all the joys and upsets that go along with being a family member.- Robbie Giles, to Justin Clark 

“He Is very forgiving,” says Pellerin. “He Is filled with nature.”

Nowadays, Clark lives in Lobby Partage, a staffed workforce home in suburban Ottawa.

Over fit years, he has given public displays about his in church buildings and faculties.


While requested if he’s pleased with what he has entire, he doesn’t use the pc. He shouts, “Yah.”

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Robbie Giles, Justin Clark’s former teacher, visits him at his home at Lobby Partage in Ottawa. (David Gutnick/CBC)

Robbie Giles, who has been pals with Clark for more than 40 years, is helping him give an explanation for.

” ‘re very just about your brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces, and also you percentage in all of the joys and healthy upsets that go with being a family member.”

Clark touches display.

“i go ahead,” says sports synthesized voice. ” , circle of relatives.”

Click “concentrate” on the most sensible of training web page or click on right here to hear David Gutnick’s documentary. 


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