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Lady Belly Dessert Recipe

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Hi expensive guests, Hanım Bellygi Dessert is a taste from Ottoman delicacies. Even Supposing they tried to switch the title from time to time because they found it obscene, it has survived until lately. it’s very easy to make the real title Yildigar Hanım Belbibi dessert. After roasting semolina, that’s fairly other from the Ottoman delicacies, it used to be kneaded with ash water and eggs and shaped. They used to add it to the syrup after it was cooked.

Permit’s get to the tips of Hanimgöbeği Dessert, we should holiday the egg after the dough has cooled, or you will feel the odor of the egg even as eating the dessert. Check Out not to keep the dough for too lengthy. do not stretch an excessive amount of at the same time as shaping, as there’ll not be a dough that swells an excessive amount of. The oil must be very offended. After the doughs are browned, allow’s pour them into cold syrup with out waiting. While serving it, coconut or pistachios cross well with it. you can additionally check our recipes from other sherbet muffins . Take it simple…

Meals for the Recipe for Women’s Belly Dessert

250 grams (2.5 cups) of flour
500 grams (2 glasses) of water
250 grams of margarine
4 eggs
a few salt

For frying:
480 grams (2 glasses) of oil

For the sherbet:
600 grams (THREE glasses of sugar)
750 grams (3 glasses of water)
A tablespoon of lemon juice

to embellish it:

The Way To Make Lady Belly Dessert

First of all, allow’s prepare the sherbet of our dessert, For this, allow’s add water and sugar to a pot and placed the pot on the stove. Permit it boil by means of mixing, permit’s upload lemon juice after a couple of stones boil, permit’s take it from the range a couple of mins later. Let’s keep it in a fab position to cool. The dough need to be sizzling syrup and ice chilly.

For the dough of our lady stomach dessert, permit’s take 3 cups of water in the pot, upload oil, add some salt and placed it on the stove.

Whilst it begins to boil, let’s upload 2.5 cups of flour and prepare dinner it via blending. now we have to be very cautious at this level. If we are not quick, the flour can turn into lumpy.

Let’s take the flour, which has totally absorbed its water, from the range, take it right into a higher container to cool, and allow it cool.

By Means Of the way, as a preliminary, allow’s pour the oil into our frying pan and positioned it on the stove.

After it cools down, let’s break FOUR eggs into the dough one by means of one and knead and feed them smartly. Lower out walnut-sized items, roll them, press them in the heart and put them at the frying pan. Let’s put the fried dough into chilly sherbet and watch for approximately five mins and put it on a serving plate.

Bon appetit….

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U.S. approves Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine

Fit U.S. is getting a 3rd vaccine to prevent -19, because the Meals and Drug Management (FDA) on...

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