Saturday, October 23, 2021

LAPD cops forced to pull over for gas during epic 6-hour chase

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A driver led Los Angeles cops on an epic six-hour chase so long they had to pull over and get gas, according to police and reports.

The strange trip started late Tuesday when officers from the LAPD’s Gang Enforcement Detail pulled over a white sedan and feared the man was reaching for a gun under his seat, the LAPD said.

Driver Michael Zinkiewitz, 35, sped off, circling around South L.A. before jumping on a freeway, doubling back up to Hollywood and finally 10 Freeway, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A handful of squad cars then followed him for the next six hours, taking it in turns to pull off and get gas while Zinkiewitz kept going, the report said. The total mileage covered was not immediately known.

Footage of the pursuit showed him coming to a stop a number of times on the freeway — just to peel out again as the officers got out of their cars.

At times he was clocked driving well under 10 mph, so slow that one of his tires easily rolled ahead of him when it came off after he rolled over a spike strip.

The officers didn’t try to force him off the road, however, because LAPD policy forbids it when a suspect is feared to be armed in case it leaves them “face-to-face” with a gunman, LAPD Sgt. Juan Garcia told local media.

Zinkiewitz’s family had also called the LAPD during the pursuit to ID him and to warn that he was mentally ill, the force said.

He finally stopped after losing three tires and finally a wheel from spike-strip damage, with chopper footage showing him looking out his window at the sparks as he ground to a halt.

Even then, he refused to obey officers commands — only getting arrested after the Crisis Negotiation Team allowed his brother to speak to him, the LAPD said.

Police did not find a gun. Zinkiewitz, from San Pedro, was booked for two burglary warrants and felony evading, the LAPD said, while praising the “professionalism, patience and restraint” of the pursuing officers.

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