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Letters to the Editor — Feb. 5, 2021

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The Issue: City schools’ use of quotes from Joanne Chesimard in a “Black Lives Matter at School” week.

A cop-killer is being honored by Black Lives Matter in our city schools (“Teaching hatred,” Feb. 4).

Joanne Chesimard is a convicted murderer and nothing else. She murdered a New Jersey state trooper in cold blood for no reason other then he was a member of law enforcement. He had a family.

And the thing that gets me more is the city’s teachers union endorsed the week-long program with no problem.

No wonder our kids behave the way they do with these liberal educators picking what they think is right to teach them. Don’t parents pay attention to what their kids are learning?

If the story was turned around and the officer did the shooting, we would have had riots and looting until he was arrested.

Stop making these people heroes.

Just a quick glance at the front page of The Post and I knew who New York schools would be classifying as the heroine and the villain.

Maybe when the story is told in the full Black Lives Matter mindset, the slain officer could be portrayed, as seems to be the accepted norm these days, with devil horns protruding through his eight-point cap.

We’re all somehow expected to believe that the well-earned respect heaped upon law enforcement in the past, especially 20 years ago this coming September, was misguided and undeserved.

Since then, police departments from across the nation, made up of all ethnic groups, have decided to become systemicly racist. Yeah, right.

Gary Kaelin

It is beyond mind-boggling that the United Federation of Teachers would approve the thoughts of a cop-killer to be distributed among young children.

Chesimard killed State Trooper Werner Forester, and only the cluelessness of UFT head Mike Mulgrew would allow such hatred to be filtered to school kids.

The UFT’s rank-and-file needs to vote for a new head before the public develops an immense disdain for public-school teachers.

Will children who have had a loved one killed by a criminal be excused for the “lesson?” What’s left: To give Chesimard the key to the city?

Elio Valenti

If I had children attending city schools, I would immediately put them into private schools or even homeschool them.

How does the family of gunned-down State Trooper Werner Foerster feel about this bizarre and ridiculous program?

Ronnie Deckert
Wallington, NJ

Seeing the leftist hero and murderer Joanne Chesimard on your front page with her message approved by NYC’s Department of Education should not surprise your readers.

Instead it is a confirmation of where so much of the city’s ideology has gone.

David Bryant
Easton, Conn.

Statues of Presidents George Washington, Theo­dore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson must be torn down because of their bad acts, real or imagined.

Now, the racial-justice arsonists have a hero worthy of their cause: Chesimard. Forget Christopher Columbus, let’s teach our children about a real hero.

As a revolutionary who hates police and wants to destroy our way of life, she could return from Cuba and head up BLM.

Robert Mangi


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