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List of Places to Visit in the Aegean | Top 25 Places!

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Places to visit in the Aegean blog guide
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List of Places to Visit in the Aegean 1. Gallipoli 2. Kazdağları 3. Adatepe and Yeşilyurt Villages, Mıhlı Stream and Zeus Altar 4. Assos and Behramkale 5. Ayvalik 6. Cunda Island 7. Bergama 8. Dikili 9. Foça 10. Urla11. Seferihisar 12. Karaburun 13. Çeşme and Alaçatı 14. Temple of Artemis and Sardis (Sart) 15. Tire, Ödemiş and Bayındır 16. Sirince 17. Selçuk and Ephesus Ancient City 18. Kusadasi 19. Priene Ancient City 20. Didim, Milet Ancient City and Lake Bafa 21. Euromos Ancient City 22. Bodrum23. Marmaris 24. Datça Peninsula 25. Fethiye

Places to visit in the Aegean may bring a completely different picture to everyone’s dream. While some of us dream of sunny beaches and a silent nature accompanying it, some of us dream of a beach but also a lively party atmosphere, some of us bring the cultural heritage and architecture left by people who lived in Anatolia thousands of years ago, while some of us dream of tables decorated with delicious local food

It is possible to find all of them one after the other in the Aegean when you travel from start to finish.


Places to see in Gelibolu Aegean

I. It is a sad but at the same time proud place where World War II hosted the hottest conflicts Gallipoli Peninsula and Çanakkale Martyrdom here.

If you haven’t seen it until today When starting your tour of Places to Visit in the Aegean, you should take at least a half day and see the graves of our martyrs and even the graves of the 14-15 year old Anzac soldiers who did not know what they were fighting for, Anafartalar and the museum here.

Detailed guides:

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2. Kazdağları

Ege turu Kazdağları

I can say that it is the best place to see green in the Aegean Mount Ida .

However, even those who do not have time can spend at least half a day in this paradise, get some oxygen and enjoy the green nature.

3. Adatepe and Yeşilyurt Villages, Mıhlı Stream and Zeus Altar

Adatepe Yesilyurt Places to visit in the Aegean

Actually Kazdağları Adatepe and Yeşilyurt Villages and Zeus Altar are important places with both historical and natural beauties where you should definitely stop and take some time while passing here.

According to the Iliad, it was said that mythological gods ruled the Trojan War from Mount Ida (Kazdağları). The Temple of Zeus, which is located on Dede Hill today, corresponds to this place mentioned in the epic.

The temple, which is reached by stairs carved from a rock, has a cistern, altar and sitting areas. Although it is actually a small temple, the Zeus Altar is both historically valuable and has a magnificent view.

Adatepe settled here after being bored with Istanbul. It is a settlement founded by those who have restored the ruined houses in the village and turned them into an extraordinary, cute, cozy and original village with their own means.

You can stay at the boutique hotels located here or take a pleasant ice cream break in the cute country coffee in the square.

Small villages due to the historical stone houses and narrow streets among the olive and pine trees. If you like it, your next stop should be Yeşilköy .

If you want to sit with pleasure in a lush forest next to a rumbling waterfall, walk along the forest paths full of smaller waterfalls, cross a historical stone bridge and take lots of photos, the place is Mıhlı Stream.

4. Assos and Behramkale

Assos Behramkale Places to visit in the Aegean

Even if you haven’t been, you’ve definitely heard of the names. Behramkale It is a lovely village 17 kilometers from Ayvacık district of Çanakkale.

Spending some time in this beautiful village with its cobblestone streets and full Instagram stone houses, and buying small souvenirs. Then you can spare time for the historical artifacts that are the legacy of Lydia, Persians and Romans.

The most important of these is the Ancient City of Assos . Assos, which was a very rich city since it had the largest port in the region in its time, was able to deliver some of its historical treasures to this day.

The most important place here is the Temple of Athena built in 500 BC.


Ayvalık Ege trip notes

The next stop in the list of Places to Visit in the Aegean is the famous Ayvalık . The most important feature of the district, which is surrounded by olive trees and even the largest olive producer in the country, is of course exquisite Aegean cuisine. However, Ayvalık is not just that.

In addition to discovering the delicious dishes and appetizers of the Aegean cuisine in the restaurants in Ayvalık, you should definitely stop on your trip to Sarmısaklı Beach in the south of the town and take a long swimming break if the season is summer.

Detailed guides:

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6. Cunda Island

Aegean travel guide Cunda Island

In fact, her name is always mentioned with Ayvalık Cunda Island , which is quite normal due to its proximity and administrative affiliation to Ayvalık.

With its historical churches, narrow cobblestone streets, Greek influence and beaches that have left their mark on the island even though the locals are Turkish, Cunda Island is the ideal address for a quiet and enjoyable holiday.


Bergama places to visit in the Aegean

In the article” Places to visit in the Aegean ” It’s time to take a break from enjoying the sea and return to historical and cultural heritage. And for this, we need to go to Bergama , which is 100 kilometers from Izmir.

After thousands of years under the strongest empires of the region such as Hittite, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, Bergama It sheds light on the past of the region with its museum and ancient theater. I recommend you to see especially the ancient theater, temple and acropolis here.

8. Sewn

Ege excursion Dikili

Bergama’s neighbor on the coast Dikili , on the other hand, appeals to sea lovers with its beautiful beaches as well as having natural beauties such as forests and crater lakes.

It is not a very active place, but those who love quiet holidays should definitely stop by and even stay for a few days.



Urla Places to visit in the Aegean

Another unique Aegean coastal town Urla.

is located 35 kilometers from Izmir. If it is not enough for you to just go to the sea and sunbathe, take a walk in the port in the afternoons and in a narrow street (Art Street) where artists sell their products If you want to wander, sometimes shop and sometimes just look at the products, you should definitely spend a few days in Urla.

If you pass here on your long tour and you cannot stay long, you can taste delicious seafood prepared in the Aegean style in the restaurants in the harbor.

11. Seferihisar

Places to visit in the Aegean Seferihisar

Ready in the Aegean while in Izmir Let’s continue with the places to visit article with coastal towns.


Karaburun Places to visit in the Aegean

Karaburun ; Urla is one of the coastal towns that you do not hear as often as Foça and Çeşme.

I have to admit that it does not appeal to all tastes. However, if you are one of those who are looking for a beautiful nature, a peaceful and calm social environment and a sparkling and calm sea, you are the audience that will love Karaburun.

13. Çeşme and Alaçatı

Çeşme Alaçatı tour Places to visit in the Aegean

70 kilometers west of Izmir Çeşme and Alaçatı are among the holiday resorts that you have heard millions of times, maybe you have already seen them, are very active, extremely popular and yes extremely expensive.

Again. For those who do not go, let’s briefly summarize what you can find here, so that you can decide whether to stop by when you go on a tour of Places to Visit in the Aegean.

Çeşme is an ideal seaside town especially to enter the sea and taste delicious Aegean cuisine.

Temple of Artemis and Sardis (Sart)

Temple of Artemis Sardis Aegean holiday

Places to Visit in the Aegean It’s time to get away from the beaches and head towards the inner regions again, this time the destination is Sardis.

Sardis, the capital of the Lydian Kingdom, is a large ancient city 90 kilometers east of Izmir. The importance of the city; The Lydians invented the money in this region, a perfect sewage system according to the technology of ancient times (said to be built by the famous mathematician Thales in 660 BC) and the understanding of urbanism, and the Royal Road starting from Susa, Iran. It comes from the ending of> here.

And the most important building here is the Temple of Artemis dating from 334 BC. However, the temple is not the only cultural heritage in Sardis. You should definitely see the ruins of the bath, synagogue, church, agora (bazaar) and acropolis (living areas).


All of them are from the classic Aegean towns with narrow streets, stone-married and all famous for their natural, organic food.

Dairy products from Tire , meatballs from Ödemiş and olive oil, organic vegetables and fruits from Bayındır , you can taste local delicacies in a restaurant you like.

16. Şirince

Places to visit in Şirince Aegean

Its name again to the list of Places to Visit in the Aegean Let’s continue with a town that has become much heard. As you know, when the whole world was coming to an end on December 21, 2012, we believed that only Şirince would survive this destruction…

This district, which is really cute like its name, is the Instagram of its narrow streets and white houses. It is an ideal address to spend 1-2 days with its photogenicity, delicious wines, boutique hotels and delicious food.

Detailed guides:

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Kuşadası Places to visit in the Aegean

Let’s go back to a coastal town in the article on Places to Visit in the Aegean. If you want, which is almost a city this time, Kuşadası.

Women’s Beach , Pamucak Beach and other large and small beaches Kuşadası is a town where sea tourism booms, especially in summer. Therefore, it is one of the alternatives you can choose to swim and relax in your trip plan.

Detailed guides:

Places to visit in Kuşadası In Kuşadası where to stay

19. Priene Ancient City

Priene Ancient City Places to visit in the Aegean

Despite the alluvium, the ancient city of Priene is now quite inland from the sea.

Founded by the Ionians, later the Lydians, the Roman Empire and finally the Ottoman The ruins of the ancient theater, Apollo and Athena temples and baths have survived from the ancient city of Priene, which survived under the rule of the Empire.

This is one of the must-see places, especially since it is an excellent example of urbanism compared to the technical knowledge of the period it belongs to.


One of these historical places is the Miletus Ancient City .

Just like Priene, the ancient city of Miletus, which was at the seaside when it was first established but is now 10 kilometers inland from the sea, dates from the Stone Age. Although it is thought to be a settlement area since the beginning of the city, no evidence has been found due to the rise and fall of the sea around the city and the change of the mouth of the Büyük Menderes River.

The existence of the Carians, Lelegs, Hittites, Ionians, Greek and Roman Empire Periods Roman baths, stadium, agoras (bazaar), various temples, especially the Temple of Athena, ancient theaters and churches are among the ruins in the ancient city of Milet.

The ancient city of Milet is not considered to be completely unearthed. Excavations here are still ongoing.

Lake Bafa , located 25 kilometers from Didim, is an important stop that deserves a visit with its natural beauties and historical artifacts.

In fact, the lake, which was a part of the Aegean Sea thousands of years ago, is a natural formation that remained separated from the sea in the middle of the plain formed by the accumulation of alluviums carried from the sea and came to this day as a lake.

< In this region, which is thought to have been inhabited since the Stone Age, just like its neighbor Miletus Ancient City, the temples and monasteries of ancient times on the islands on Bafa Lake are worth seeing.

Not only the islands in the lake, but also the surrounding area of ​​Bafa Lake. Each square centimeter is full of historical buildings and ruins such as monasteries and churches.

I cannot go into details here in order not to extend the article too much, but if you happen to be in Bafa Lake, you can visit İkizada Bay, Heraklia Ancient City, Yediler Monastery and Stoylos. You must see the Monastery.

Euromos Ancient City

Euromos Ancient City Places to see in the Aegean

Ready ancient cities and culture Let’s talk about Euromos , which is the last ancient city of Places to Visit in the Aegean.

In fact, considering its ancient theater, agora and walls, it is also a great city of Ephesus. Although it is a settlement, unfortunately, Euromos is a cultural heritage that has not been well preserved.

However, it is one of the ancient cities that should be seen especially because of the Temple of Zeus while on a tour of the Aegean.

22 . Bodrum

Bodrum Places to visit in the Aegean

Places to visit in the Aegean are no longer on the beaches. Let’s turn around and end the trip with the sea, sun and sand trio. The most important of these is the famous Bodrum district.

If you have not been to Bodrum before, let me give brief information.

Bitez , Akyarlar , Turgutreis and Torba are the districts that I can describe as the average of luxury and bohemian, maybe more accessible.

It is difficult to give the best sea suggestion, it varies from person to person, but I prefer Torba and Gündoğan seas.

Detailed guides:

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23. Marmaris

Marmaris Places to visit in the Aegean

In the most beautiful place where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean Just like Bodrum, Marmaris is an ideal seaside town with its nightlife, beautiful sea and resorts. An important advantage compared to Bodrum is that it has a greener nature.

When you turn your face to the sea, is there a better feeling than having mountains behind you?

Detailed guides:

Places to visit in Marmaris Where to stay in Marmaris?


Curvy mountain roads and endless car rides can make people uneasy, but if you are looking for both an exquisite nature and a calmer environment where you will swim, I suggest you take that road.

However, due to its popularity in recent years, its calmness in the summer months is also discussed. but I can still say that it is calmer and more enjoyable compared to Marmaris and Bodrum.

Detailed guides:

Places to visit in Datça Where to stay in Datça?

25. Fethiye

Fethiye Aegean places to visit

The list of places to visit in the Aegean is the southernmost the last stop, even where the Mediterranean begins, Fethiye.

Ölüdeniz , Saklıkent Canyon , Fethiye, which is an ideal address for both sea and recreation with its sports such as Babadağ and paragliding, is perhaps why it is very popular with both local and foreign tourists.

Detailed guides:

Places to visit in Fethiye Where to stay in Fethiye? .

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