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London Shopping Guide & What to Buy in London?

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London shopping
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About London Shopping General Where to Shop in LondonOxford StreetRegent StreetCamden TownPiccadilly CircusCovent GardenPortobello RoadOther RegionsLondon Famous Shops and ShopsHarrodsPrimarkSelfridgesHamleysCool BritanniaM & M’s WORLDFortnum & MasonLibertyOutletLiberty There are many shopping malls, street markets and gift shops all over the city.

In London it is possible to find something suitable for every budget in terms of shopping, although there are very high numbers in accommodation and touristic activities. . You can shop at the stores where the world’s most famous and luxury brands are sold, as well as at gift shops, 6 of which are valued at 5 Pounds.

General Information About London Shopping

London shopping Covent Garden, Apple Market, sells beautiful and original products.1 pound is the equivalent of 100 Penny . It is briefly symbolized by “ p “. Besides the banknotes, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £ 1 and £ 2 coins are used.

Currency Exchange : You can find British Pounds in many foreign exchange shops in our country. This is how I prepared before my trip. Similarly in London, you can buy sterling in Euro / Dollar equivalent from the foreign exchange shops at the airport or the center. Of course, you should pay attention to commission rates.

Credit Card Usage : I prefer to use credit cards in my overseas hotel and shopping malls. This is how I made my hotel and shopping payments in London. You can inquire from your bank whether your card is open to shopping abroad.

Bargaining : You naturally do not have the chance to bargain in London shopping malls, but souvenirs in Camden Town or Covent Garden You have a chance to bargain a little.

London Shopping Areas

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, London is a rich place for shopping.

For the places in the center, you can walk from Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus and then follow Regent Street to Oxford Street only this distance a little longer. It takes some time and energy.

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Embrace your friends

When We recall to mind taking care of and protecting our nature continuously comes akhmtza some activities akin...

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