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London Travel Guide: Important Travel Notes for London Trip

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London travel guide blog London travel guide
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Where Is London? What Is London Like? History, Population… How to Get to London, When to Go to London, Where to Stay in London? Hotel Recommendations Places to Visit in LondonWhat to Do in London Transportation in LondonLondon City Discount Card: London Pass & Oyster Visitor Card Shopping in London Food and Drink in LondonLondon Nightlife

England It is necessary to evaluate London , the capital of Turkey and the United Kingdom, in a separate location from Europe with its accommodation, shopping and transportation facilities.

In the city with a rich history and cultural heritage Since the food culture and entertainment life are shaped according to the island life, they have different characteristics from most places.

With the London travel guide, I tried to explain all these features of the city by keeping my own experiences in the foreground.

The center of the city, called “ Greater London “, covers an area of ​​1,572 square kilometers with very little elevation. The total area of ​​the metropolitan area of ​​the British capital is 8,382 square kilometers.

Today, London is divided into 32 districts . These districts are; The center is located in three regions called internal and external. Bloomsbury , one of the most popular districts of Central London in terms of tourism, is home to many historical buildings and parks such as the British Museum and the University of London.

The City, where the city developed during the Roman period. You can see modern skyscrapers and medieval churches together in.

Soho reveals the marginal side of the city while Westminister Places to visit in London It is home to many historical and cultural venues that you can add to your list.

If you are interested in shopping as much as history, you can include South Kensington Chelsea on your itinerary.

East End , Greenwich are the places where travelers are primarily interested in Inner London.

The first findings about the early state of London were reached as a result of the excavations carried out north of Vauxhall Bridge in 1999.

As a result of the tests performed on the pieces taken from the bridge remains unearthed here, the structure was found in BC. It was understood that it was built around 1500 .

The foundation remains, which were discovered in 2010 and understood to belong to a large wooden structure, are the first settlement in the region where the city is located BC. He pointed out that it was founded at 4500 .

Despite these findings, it is accepted that the community that laid the foundations of today’s London is the Romans. Region BC. The first settlement of the empire, which dominated the empire at 43 , was established by the Britons under Queen Boudica. The Romans, who did not give up even though they were destroyed at 61 , managed to rebuild Londinium in 100.

5. With the collapse of the empire at the beginning of the century , Anglo-Saxon communities began to dominate the region. In this period, while Londinium started to lose its importance gradually, the era of ascension started for Lundenwic.

Known as one of the most important ports in the region around the year 680 , the Vikings attacked the city in 851, 886 and 994.

The Vikings’ move resulted in Lundenwic’s disappearance from the stage of history while bringing London back to the fore.

11. In the 16th century London, which became the largest settlement in England, increased its population after the throne of the Duke of Normandy, and it developed significantly in commercial and architectural fields.

14. Losing one-third of its population in the epidemic that took place in the middle of the century , the city was shaken by the rebellion movements in the following years due to tax injustice.

London travel notes blog One of London’s most important buildings, Tower of London .

During the reign of the Tudor Dynasty, reforms were carried out one after another. At the beginning of the important developments in this period when the power of the church was tried to be reduced in every way, it is pointed out that many buildings passed into private ownership. Having made a breakthrough in maritime trade in the 16th and 16th centuries, the city signed lucrative agreements first with Europe and then with the New World.

The city, which was on the parliamentary side during the civil war, 1600 ‘ In the past years, it was seriously damaged by plague epidemics and great fire.


At the turn of the century , with the influx of immigrants, London’s population reached incredible numbers. This situation II. It continued until World War II and the population decreased dramatically after the war.

The city, which was exposed to air attacks by the Nazis during the war years, became the center of the youth movements in the mid-60s.

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games positively affected the image of London, which celebrated the beginning of the 21st century by building prestigious buildings and led to an increase in the number of tourists coming to the city.

Population & Society: In London, where almost 9 million people live, one third of the population is made up of ethnic groups. This ensures that different belief systems and languages ​​preserve their existence in the city, whose official language is English and almost half of the population is Christian.

How to get to London

How to get to London by plane, Istanbul London flight

By Air: If you want to travel to the city comfortably and quickly You can give priority to examining air transportation options.

Right after it comes Gatwick , from which many international airlines fly. Stansted is predominantly used by EasyJet and Ryanair.

Luton is another airport where low-priced companies carry more than 10 million passengers a year. As the smallest airport in the city, London City is used for flights to holiday destinations in Southern Europe, including Malaga, Ibiza and Majorca.

Direct flights from our country to the city Turkish Airlines and Pegasus . You can also choose British Airways for the journey, which takes an average of 4 hours and 10 minutes .

From these companies, Turkish Airlines and British Airways can reach the city center more easily. Using heathrow. Pegasus flights end at Stansted Airport.

By Train: If you decide to go to London from another holiday destination in Europe, you can take advantage of high speed train services.

Pancras; It hosts trains from destinations such as Paris, Lille and Brussels.

Thalys and Eurostars organize direct rail services from France and Belgium to the city. The same companies have Brussels-based transportation options from places such as the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

High-speed train journey to London takes 2 hours 15 minutes from Paris and 1 hour 50 minutes from Brussels. Both companies apply similar tariffs to airline companies regarding ticket prices. So the earlier the ticket is bought, the more affordable it is.

When to Go to London?

London travel guide, When to go to London London travel guide, Hyde Park.

After the important milestones in its history, population structure and transportation possibilities, the London travel guide now offers you the most I would like to tell about their ideal periods.

London, famous for its indoor air and rain , is a city that can be visited in four seasons thanks to its mild ocean climate. turning into a holiday destination.

If you miss this show, don’t worry; Because you also have the opportunity to go to Chinatown and experience the New Year celebrations belonging to a different culture.

In January, also a fair that attracts great interest from art lovers is organized. If you love football, the Carling Cup Final in February may interest you. In March, St. You may have the opportunity to have fun in the festivities within the Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Although the winter and spring months offer attractive opportunities, most travelers prefer to travel to the city in the summer months when there are many sunny days.

< Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and London City Festival also played a major role in the emergence of such a habit. Spending September with the Thames and October with the London Film Festivals, the last event of the year is held in December under the name of London Pass .

Where to Stay in London? Hotel Recommendations

london travel guide hotel recommendations

Many holiday destinations in continental Europe on the contrary, it is much easier to answer the question of where to stay in London.

YHA London St. Pancras and Astor Queensway Hostel , the common feature of these two regions is that they have social facilities that can attract young people.

For those with an average budget, London is a bit it has more options. Among these options, Kensington has hotels with moderate prices around Gloucester Road.

I just have to mention that this area is located far from Stansted Airport, which is used by Pegasus and Atlasglobal. Paddington, on the other hand, is known as a popular accommodation area due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport.

In addition to Kensington and Paddington, your research also includes Victoria and Westminter . you can focus during. You can even give priority to options such as 3-star London Court Hotel , 4-star Park Plaza Victoria London .

If you have a large budget or are on business travel, luxury stands out. You can choose from The City or West End hotels.

Click to view all London hotels on Where to Stay in London? Hotel Recommendations

Places to Visit in London

Places to visit in London information and photos London travel notes: Buckingham Palace

One of the most important parts of our London travel guide article is naturally the places to visit in the city. London, which has been the capital of an empire that has become the most important power in the world in terms of politics and economy since the Middle Ages, reflects its glory to its guests today with its historical buildings, most of which are located around the River Thames.

Westminster With its palace and the imposing Big Ben adjacent to it, Tower Bridge is at the top of such structures. Speaking of grandeur, St.

Piccadily Circus and Trafalgar Square are the ideal spots to observe daily life.

Hyde Park is also home to peaceful venues such as. The places that can be visited are not only historical buildings.

Millennium Dome , London Eye and are a part of the celebrations held at the start of the new millennium. strong> Millennium Bridge is the modern face of urban architecture. Through the London Eye, you can watch the unique view of the city and have the opportunity to take beautiful photos.

You can find details and photos about the places I mention within the London travel guide in our article titled “ Places to Visit in London “.

What to do in London

Things to do in London to do in London One of the most beautiful things is to ride the London Eye, the famous Ferris wheel, which is among the symbols of the city.

London owes its being one of the most tourist-attracting cities in the world to dozens of activities it offers to its visitors.

Tickets for activities in the city can sometimes be sold out days in advance. For this reason, I recommend that you buy the entrance tickets of important places from the internet before your trip and register for the relevant tours.

I use the Getyourguide website for my own travels. To view and book the most popular tours in London, click .

Transport in London

London ' transportation, airport, city, train, London travel notes One of the most famous landmarks of the United Kingdom and London, 2-deck red buses and taxis.

London travel guide article Perhaps one of the issues that you will have the least trouble in the city is transportation.

5 different airports are used for civil air transport in the city. No matter which of these airports you are in, you can take advantage of many different options to reach the city center.

For example; Turkey, located in the destination location of origin of the airline Heathrow and Stansted Gatwick skin can be accessed from the living heart of express traffic stress by train to London.

Airport-City Center Private Transfer: If you wish, you can easily reach your hotel or airport with private transfers, click: Private Transfer from London Heathrow Airport to Central London (Starting price 62 Euro)

Heathrow also has an underground line to London City.

In London City, DLR provides the most economical transfer service.

In addition to all these, there are Golden Tours and Diamond Air branches at each airport. In order to get personalized service, you can evaluate the offers of these companies as well as the hotel pickup option.

In the city center, you can easily reach any point you want by walking due to the geographical structure of the city. Of course, since time is precious to you, you can avoid this bother and give priority to using the world’s largest subway line.

Comfortable journey for guests of buses in the most comprehensive network in the city after the subway. gives the opportunity. In addition, many light rail systems and tram lines that support these two transportation options continue their activities in the city.

For those who do not want to deal with public transportation, Golden Tours and Big Bus organize bus rides with stops on 3 different routes. During the London hop on hop off tours, information about the touristic areas on the route is provided in 12 different languages ​​by both companies.

During the trip, Golden Tours’s vehicles give short stops at 60 stops and Big Bus buses at 50 stops.

Two products, London Pass and Oyster Visitor Card , are offered to those who want to reduce their spending, which is a very serious issue for those who set out with a limited budget, to reasonable levels. strong> London Pass is mainly used as a city discount card. In this context, free entrance to 80 tourist attractions can be made thanks to the card. At some points, cardholders can even start visiting the place without waiting in line. In addition, travelers who buy the card can join the hop on hop off bus tours free of charge if they wish.

The validity period of the London Pass discount card varies between 1 and 10 days. The price of the card starts at £ 69 for adults.

The Oyster Visitor Card gives travelers the privilege of traveling at advantageous prices on London’s public transport network. In addition, thanks to this card, you can benefit from discount opportunities at some points.

The visitor card works with the credit system and can be refilled when the balance is over. Within this application, the Oyster Card with 15 credits is sold for £ 20.

If you go to the capital of England with a slightly above average shopping budget, you can have many quality products.

When it comes to shopping in London for gastronomy enthusiasts, you immediately think of tea , whiskey , biscuit , marmalade and chocolate varieties are coming.

The sale of fan products belonging to various categories from cinema to football is common. If you are fond of fashion in the city where you are, you can find the latest creations and fabric varieties of world famous brands. For the bookworms who are keen on literature, London is like a temple.

Harrods , Selfridges and Oxford and Regent streets are at the center of luxury shopping in London. Carnaby Street is another shopping street as popular as they are. If you are looking for a mall where you can find affordable products, you can turn your route to Primark .

While shopping streets and shopping malls in London are based on a certain concept, street markets offers its guests more unique options at affordable prices.

Do not forget to bargain to lower the price in such places.

You can find answers to all the questions you may have about shopping, one of the most enjoyable topics of the London travel guide article:

London Shopping Guide What to Buy in London

Eat and Drink in London

What to eat in London, local English food Traditional English breakfast

Frankly, London is not a city that stands out with its food culture. However, this does not mean that you cannot find any original flavor in the city. In addition, the variety of food in the city reaches a level that is not bad at all thanks to the minorities.

Traditional English breakfast comes first among the flavors that can be tried in the city. Breakfast, which includes scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and beans, gives those who try it a very nutritious yet different experience.

Fish & Chips makes this meal very tasty with the sauce that comes with it.

In the evening, more familiar recipes such as Wellington and roast are used. If you are in a sweet crisis in London, instead of going to a grocery store and buying junk food, I recommend you try eton mess or sticky toffee .

The Turkish minority’s food and beverage industry Individuals who take care to consume halal food see the greatest benefit of their hands. You can quench your hunger with peace of mind in many places such as Mangal Ocakbaşı, Iznik, Antepliler, Ephesus.

You can find many tips and recommendations about the city’s food culture via the links below.

London Food Guide What to Eat in London?

London Nightlife

London nightlife

I have reserved the last part of our London travel guide article for travelers who love to have fun.

Corsica Studios is at the top of the places where university youth show interest in London.

If you enjoy tasting products with different aromas in businesses with a rich wine menu, Vinoteca and < You can easily find what you're looking for at strong> Gordon’s Wine Bar . While The Young’s and The Founder’s Army are known as the oldest brewhouses in the city, Boisdale Canary Wharf draws attention to the variety of whiskeys in the inventory.

Throughout the London travel guide article, I tried to share detailed information about the UK’s most important city, the capital of England, London. If there is something that you must add to the London travel guide article, add it as an absolute comment.


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