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London’s Extraordinary District Camden Town

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Camden Town
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Camden Facts about the Town Camden Town Markets What to do in Camden Town? Where and How to Get Camden Town Accommodation Alternatives in Camden Town

London Camden Town is one of the most interesting areas of London. If you are planning a trip to this city and doing research for a while, it has definitely stolen your ear.

The characters who are dressed and tattooed as if from horror movies roam their streets, the streets are always in the fairground mood, but especially on weekends, eating, drinking, shopping. One of the strangest settlements of the 21st century that you cannot get enough of doing, turning your head from that weirdness to this weirdness.

Camden Town London travel notes

Some liken Camden Town to Istanbul’s Kadıköy and others to Karaköy .

And the moment you get on the subway anywhere in London and get off the subway gate, yes even then, it makes you feel that you are in an extraordinary place.

Information about London Camden Town

Camden Town, where the streets are sold either secretly or openly herbs and various drugs , where you can do the cheapest shopping in the city and taste both the cheapest and the most delicious food Even if you do not do any of these activities, it is an ideal place to watch those who do and have a pleasant day. If you say why? As I said at the beginning of the article, it is not possible to find such a strange blend anywhere else in the world.

In this article, I will only talk about Camden Town and the markets that are worth seeing and the activities you will enjoy doing in this complex, but all. You can find the places to see in the city in the London Places to Visit article.

Since millions of both Londoners and tourists flock to the city on weekends, I would like to spend relatively comfortable weekdays in this area. I recommend for you to travel comfortably.

6 street markets are set up in the region and each one has its own character. Let me briefly touch on all of them, if you want to stop by the ones that interest you the most.

Camden Lock Market: Camden Lock Market, located to the north of Regent’s Channel, is mainly cheap but delicious fast food. (Turkish, Italian, Indian, Chinese from every kitchen you can think of), then if you are interested in handcrafted items, books, clothes and costumes, it is a market you should definitely visit.

Camden Lock Village: Camden Lock Village, located in the Northeast on Regent’s Kanal bank, is the most famous of the markets here. You can find ready-to-wear, accessories and a wide variety of extraordinary products here.

Shopping in Camden Town, London Camden Market

Stables Market: Located north of Camden Lock Market on Chalk Farm Road, Stables Market is a place where you can find extraordinary clothes at more than 700 shops and stalls.

The feature is that you can find ready-to-wear products suitable for every taste at very affordable prices. You can also find various accessories in this street market of more than 200 shops and counters.

Shop in Camden Town, London Camden Lock Village

Electric Ballroom: Open only on Sundays, the Electric Ballroom is not a street market like the others. This is also a place where you can find various ready-to-wear products. However, as other markets cater for all tastes and needs, you don’t have to go if you don’t have such a long time.

Inverness Street Market: Inverness Street to the west of Camden Town Subway Station The market is a market frequented by locals rather than tourists. In addition to restaurants and bars, there are fruit and vegetable stalls and some ready-to-wear and accessories.

What to do in Camden Town?

Things to do in Camden Town, London

With Camden Town’s cheap shopping and markets I said he is famous, but that does not mean that the only activity in this region is to go on a Sunday tour.

Here you can sit down to eat at a restaurant or grab a variety of snacks from a street stall. You will not regret it. And be sure to do that.

If you want a lunch or dinner in a quality restaurant, enjoying it and prolonging it, Grill or Gilgamesh ‘where you can taste the most delicious Asian cuisine i suggest. If you say street stands, I don’t have a special suggestion, you can try anything that looks good.

Live Music : We’re talking about a place where Amy Winehouse lived and even performed when she was an amateur. Ki Camden Town is famous for its punk, jazz and rock bars. If you want to enjoy listening to music in a bar where amateur bands take the stage; Koko or The Underground , Jazz Cafe and Blues Kitchen are ideal addresses if you like jazz and blues.

< Things to do in London Camden Town

Boat Tour: Camden Town and Regent’s If you want to watch over the canal, a boat tour on the canal is also a great option.

Camden Lock or Little Venice can find these options at the starting points and start the tour immediately.

Although I said boat tour, walking along the canal is also enjoyable in the region. One of the activities.

London Zoo located near Regent’s Park, for those who like to visit and cultural activities, Jewesh Museum is a bonus for those who love these concepts.

Where and How to Get Camden Town?

Camden Town London where

< There are two different metro stations in the region. You can start exploring the region by getting off at Camden Town Subway Station or at Chalk Farm Station .

Accommodation Alternatives in Camden Town Region

London Camden Town accommodation and hotel advice

Enjoy the nightlife as you explore this area If you want to go out and have fun until late, you can choose to stay in Camden Town.

So let me recommend you two hotels for different budgets.

Camden Enterprise Hotel: Located next to Chalk Farm Metro Station, Camden Enterprise Hotel It is located in a historical building. The price is around 100 Pounds per night and includes a pleasant breakfast.

The hotel is very close to all markets and activities in Camden Town, the furthest distance is 1 kilometer. Since it is a clean and comfortable hotel, I recommend that the guest satisfaction on is a very high figure like 9.2 points. To review the hotel and make a reservation, click.

4 ★ Holiday Inn London Camden Lock: To Camden Town Underground Station A two-minute walk away, Holiday Inn London Camden Lock is located on the canal bank. There is also a restaurant with a rich menu in the hotel, but its location is so central that you can reach all kinds of attractions in the region in a short time on foot.

The hotel is decorated in a modern way, the rooms are clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. It is a facility that has been awarded with 8.7 points by nearly 2000 guests.

To review the hotel and make a reservation, click .

If you are going to arrange your accommodation in London yourself, you can find other areas of the city suitable for tourist accommodation, the features of these regions and some accommodation alternatives London ‘. You can find it in Where to Stay .


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