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Los Angeles Attractions List | Top 20 Places!

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Alerjik Hastalıklara Kesin Çözüm

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Preparing a list of places to visit in Los Angeles was an enjoyable and challenging process. Since the city is entertainment-oriented, it has attractions that appeal to all ages, and my joyful remembering of the places I visited on my own holiday was the enjoyable part of the process of preparing the list.

Places to visit in Los Angeles On the other hand it was a challenging process. Due to the city’s entertainment-oriented nature, the finding of attractions appealing to all ages and my joyful remember while describing the places I visited on my own holiday was the enjoyable part of the process of preparing the list. It gave me a sweet challenge in the process.

I hope the list I prepared gives you the opportunity to have a Los Angeles vacation at least as great as mine. I will share very important information throughout the guide, but pay attention to these first;

Where to stay? Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood are the best places to stay in the city.

You can enlarge it by clicking the image. Click to open it in Google Maps.

The places to visit in Los Angeles:

Santa MonicaHollywood & Hollywood BoulevardUniversal Studios HollywoodGriffith Park and ObservatoryDisneylandVenice BeachThe Getty CenterMalibuRodeo DriveBeverly HillsWalt Disney Concert HallDowntownExposition ParkMuseum of Contemporary ArtHollywood Bowl BeachLittle Tokyo Summer IslandSix Flags Magic Mountain

1. Santa Monica

Santa Monica Los Angeles travel

Top of your Los Angeles list of attractions Santa Monica You can have the chance to make a fun-filled start to your holiday by typing.

Because the region, which has been the favorite of Hollywood stars for a period, includes a beach where you can enjoy the sea with stylish shopping and entertainment opportunities. When you focus on this part of the city, you can easily realize that there is no limit to the activities that can be done.

To swim in the ocean during the day and enjoy the Californian sunshine in Santa Monica, you can visit Santa Monica State Beach , which is 5.6 kilometers long. You can go.

Apart from spending time on the beach with classical activities, you can play chess at International Chess Park or volleyball on different fields.

Alternatively, once You can spend time at Santa Monica Pier , which represents the end of Route 66 .

You can visit the street or Downtown Santa Monica .

Hotel Recommendation: 4-star DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Santa Monica is one of the most popular hotels in this area. Click for information and reservation.

2. Hollywood & Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood boulevard los angeles attractions

If you are traveling to Los Angeles for the first time, be sure to I recommend you to include Hollywood , which adds fame to the city’s reputation.

The region, where many film studios are located, attracts the attention of travelers who come to the city with its sparkling appearance as well as its architecture and fun-filled atmosphere. Hollywood Boulevard is one of the places that have played a role in attracting such attention.

The most important touristic part of the boulevard is the Walk of Fame.

Click to view the hotel .

3. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood los angeles attractions

Speaking of Hollywood, it’s not just the United States of America. I would like to give information about Universal Studios Hollywood , which is the oldest still operating film studio in the whole world.

While wandering around the facility, one of the biggest thematic amusement parks in the city, you may come across filming, You can participate in fun activities and ride on toys with features that will attract the attention of individuals of all ages.

If you are going to visit the amusement park, which has a very rich content in terms of shopping and food and beverage opportunities for the first time, the 45-minute Studio Tour to get to know the environment. Participating in will be the ideal choice for you.

Tour b You can play sets where iconic scenes of movies like War of the Worlds , Jurassic Park , Perverted were shot.

Griffith Park and Observatory Los Angeles travel guide Griffith Park and Observatory

If you are a traveler who likes to watch scenery and explore space During your Los Angeles vacation, you can visit Griffith Park and Observatory .

A green area 5 times the size of Central Park in New York was a gift to the city by Griffith J. Griffith in 1896. has been. One of the most ideal spots to watch and photograph the city view, the park can be visited free of charge from the first light of the day.

Of course, if you ask me, the best time to come here is sunset. In this period when the sun begins to leave its place to the stars, wonderful images emerge.

The observatory within the park, where you can see the iconic Hollywood sign in all its glory, was built in Art Deco style in 1935. Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater, where a detailed documentary about the history is shown, guests are presented with three different shows every day.

If you wish, you can watch these shows and expand your knowledge about the universe or you can observe by one of the telescopes taken to the garden in the evening. .

Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027 Visiting Hours: 12.00-22.00 (Observatory) Entrance Fee: $ 7 (Samuel Oschin Planetarium) Website:


The adventure park right next to it has a big share in the emergence of this situation.

Your children like Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland, which also has accommodation options. You can spend time in Star Wars themed areas while having the opportunity to be close to countless cartoon heroes.

If the daytime entertainment is not enough for you in the park, where the fireworks starts with the sunset, you can pay an extra fee and participate in special events. .

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802 Visiting Hours: 09.00-20.00 Entry Fee: $ 179 Website:

6. Venice Beach

Venice Beach hotels los angeles accommodation

Swimming, sunbathing or If surfing isn’t satisfying enough, you can head to Venice Beach for a more intense experience.

The beach is named after the residential area Venice , which reflects the bohemian spirit of the city. taking.

The recreation area just behind the beach has Venice Ocean Front Walk , ideal for observing locals and watching the performances of street performers.

When you want to have fun, have something to eat, shop, take your route Abbot Kinnet You can turn the boulevard into . If you intend to capture interesting views and have romantic moments in the region where the street artists add color with their work, you can take the breath at Venice Canal Historic District .

Hotel Advice: 4-star The Rose Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the region where you can stay. Click for information and reservation.

7. The Getty Center

The Getty Center Los Angeles travel

J. The Getty Center , the main campus of the Paul Getty Museum, opened its doors for the first time in 1997.

The cultural facility attracts attention with its unique architecture, from medieval triptych to Baroque sculptures and Impressionist paintings. An impressive collection consisting of countless works created by the influence of different movements is waiting for you.

After examining this valuable collection, which makes the place unique in the eyes of art lovers, you can take the driverless tram and visit the 100-decare land of the facility.

Malibu places to see in Los Angeles Malibu

It covers the 48 kilometers long coastline between the Pacific Ocean and Highway One < strong> Malibu has made its name all over the world as the residence of the California jet set.

Indeed, there are a lot of spectacular residences on the coastline. However, travelers come to this part of the city primarily to take advantage of its beaches and explore its natural beauties.

If you have a plan to visit Malibu to surf in summer, you can find the environment you are looking for at Surfrider Beach . . Right next to the beach, Malibu Pier offers opportunities for everyone from seven to seventy to have pleasant moments.

If you need a beach where you can sunbathe for hours after swimming, Zuma Beach will be more convenient for you. Point Dume , on the other hand, is flooded by nature enthusiasts who want to observe gray whales migrating in winter.

When it comes to exploring the region’s natural beauty, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area < You should not skip / strong>.

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles tour Rodeo Drive

Since opening the first boutique in 1961, Fred Hayman Rodeo Drive is known as the most luxurious and prestigious shopping street in the city. In fact, many shoppers believe that a full-length Los Angeles vacation cannot be experienced without buying anything from the shops on the street, which is just over 3 kilometers long.

The Rodeo Road, which covers three blocks, is nowadays the European style of buildings, apart from shopping opportunities. It makes a name for itself with Via Rodeo , which is lined up and its sidewalks are decorated with café tables.

On the street is also Anderton Court , the last project Frank Lloyd Wright completed in the city. taking. Many stores are also operating within the commercial structure in accordance with the reputation of the street.

10. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Los Angeles travel guide

If you like luxury shopping, dining and entertainment options I would suggest you to include all of Beverly Hills in your list of places to visit in Los Angeles.

Since the 1950s, the residential area has been known as the residence of the rich and famous.

In addition to world-famous brands, you can shop at the boutiques of top designers and relax with massage and therapy treatments offered in wellness centers.

After all these activities, you can enjoy gourmet delicacies in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Alternatively, when you come to the region, you can also focus on cultural venues such as the Television and Radio Museum .

Hotel Advice: If you are in the most vibrant and famous area of ​​Los Angeles, 5 If you want to stay in a starry and quality place, Four Seasons Hotel is one of the most beautiful facilities you can take a look at. Click for reservation .

11. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles trip

One of the three halls of the Los Angeles Music Center < strong> Walt Disney Concert Hall was officially opened in 2003.

The cultural facility, which was built at the request of Walt Disney’s wife Lillian Disney, used Frank Gehry’s architectural design and acoustic design. Yasuhisa Toyota has its signature.

The concert hall attracts attention with its magnificent architecture, which emphasizes psychedelic music as well as its rich content.

Walt Disney Concert Hall < You can visit / strong> for free on days available according to the event calendar.

Los Angeles Downtown Downtown Los Angeles Attractions

Until the mid-1990s Los Angeles Downtown was full of business centers and did not promise much to travelers in terms of tourism.

The city center is still at the center of commercial life today. However, nowadays it is among the leading regions of Los Angeles in reflecting the multicultural, artistic and fun-filled identity of “ City of Angels “.

Los Angeles’ city full of skyscrapers. While walking around the center, including the concert hall that I have just described in detail, The Broad , Bradbury Building , Town Hall , Union Station You can have the opportunity to see landmarks such as>.

You can visit settlements such as Little Tokyo and Chinatown to understand how immigrant groups add color to the city while wandering around the region.

You can even go on a pleasant journey of a few blocks via Angels Flight and taste the palatal delicacies at Grand Central Market

Hotel Recommendation: Sheraton Grand Los Angeles , in the very center of the city r hotel.

Exposition Park Los Angeles trip Exposition Park

If you plan to focus on museum visits during your holidays in the city, Los Angeles Downtown You can add the impressive Exposition Park to your excursion program.

The green area, covering 150 acres, was opened in 1872 as an agricultural fair area. The park was reorganized and made available to the public in 1913.

The cultural facilities I would recommend you to visit primarily within the Exposition Park; Natural History Museum , California Science Center and California African American Museum .

If the city’s bustle overwhelms you, head towards the rose garden here and get a little You can have the opportunity to breathe. There are also 3 different facilities in the park where you can watch sports events.

14. Museum of Contemporary Art

Los Angeles tour Museum of Contemporary Art

Another place I strongly recommend you to visit in the city center The cultural facility is Museum of Contemporary Art , or MOCA for short.

Because with the same ticket, you can visit MOCA Geffen , another branch of the museum within the boundaries of the city center, free of charge. Address: 250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012Visiting Hours: 11.00-18.00 Entry Fee : $ 15 Website:

15. Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles travel guide

If you like to attend music-themed festivals and follow the concerts live You can add Hollywood Bowl to your list of places to visit in Los Angeles.

Just like Walt Disney Concert Hall, this venue operates under the Los Angeles Music Center. The concert area, which hosts events throughout the year, has an open design unlike the other. Still, it dazzles with its richness in terms of both atmosphere and additional services such as food and beverage.

The venue, which hosts different styles of concerts and festivals from jazz to pop, has also been hosting a museum since 1984.

Hollywood Script los angeles Hollywood script

One of the first things that comes to mind when Los Angeles is mentioned, the Hollywood script, in 1923, the borders of Griffith Park It was placed in Mount Lee for the advertisement of the construction project named “ Hollywoodland ”.

From the article used for this purpose for one and a half years, in 1949 it was placed as “ land ” “The suffix has been removed and thus the first steps have been taken to transform the city into an international icon. In 1978, the renovation works were carried out in which it gained its current appearance.

When the text was first placed, each letter was 9.1 meters wide and 15.2 meters high. After the work in 1978, the height of the writing was reduced to 13.7 meters.

Griffith Observatory and Hollywood and Highland Center stand out as the ideal points to see the article. .

Little Tokyo Little Tokyo los angeles attractions

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to Japan yet. Because even if you do not have the opportunity to get to know the architecture and city atmosphere during your trip to Los Angeles, you can have detailed information about Japanese culture through Little Tokyo .

One of the main reasons that made me talk so clearly about the neighborhood is the United States Coming to be both the most populous and the largest Japanese settlement in. You can start your visit in Little Tokyo, whose foundations were laid at the beginning of the century, from the Japanese American National Museum . If you want to get detailed information about Japanese culture and socialize, you can spend time at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center .

You can coincide your Los Angeles holiday in the summer months and Nisei Week Japanese Festival can watch the events under strong> on site.

Long Beach Los Angeles travel guide Long Beach

Long Beach only half an hour from the city center allows you to get away from the chaos of Los Angeles and have pleasant moments by participating in the entertainment on the ocean.

In the region where beautiful beaches and marinas are located, culturally rich venues, attractive shopping opportunities, sports opportunities. is waiting for travelers.

If your purpose of going to Long Beach is to participate in cultural activities, shop, sit in cafes and restaurants and breathe the lively atmosphere, you can come across the best deals on Retro Row .

Alternatively, you can go to The Pike Outlets for the same purpose. If you’re more tempted to get away from the crowd and listen to your head, you can spend most of your time at Belmont Shore , close to the center of Long Beach.


The island, which you will reach after a 1 hour journey, stands out with its natural beauties.

Restaurants that turn fresh seafood into delicious meals, beaches covered with white sand and exquisite scenery of the sunset; Here are just a few of the features that make the land popular where travelers can find many options in terms of accommodation.

While spending time on the island with a family-friendly atmosphere, you can participate in tours organized by submarines or off-road vehicles, observe wildlife in the protected area, Wrigley Memorial & Botanic You can examine the local vegetation in Gardens .

The best address for those who are curious about the culture and history of the island where Marilyn Monroe lived at the time is Catalina Island Museum .

20. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain los angeles attractions

Last in Los Angeles attractions list Six Flags Magic Mountain is located 56 kilometers northwest of the city center.

Its distance from the center may make you abstain about going to the theme park.

Click for information and reservation.

Where to stay in Los Angeles? As I explained in detail in my article, the most beautiful areas where you can stay in Los Angeles: Hollywood , Santa Monica , Downtown , Venice Beach , Beverly Hills and West Hollywood .

If you are in the very center of the city If you want to stay in an economical but clean and quality hotel in the famous Hollywood region, you can check out the 4-star Loews Hollywood Hotel .

As a result of approximately 1500 visitor reviews on, With a score of 8.6 , the property is located on the famous Hollywood Boulevard. If you want to get detailed information about the hotel and make a reservation, click .

Very detailed information about accommodation in the city, advice and hotel recommendations for every budget Where to stay in Los Angeles? < In my article titled / strong>…

Throughout the article about places to visit in Los Angeles, I tried to give information about all the important places in the city that you should visit.

All the other information you may need during your Los Angeles trip. You can find it in the following articles;

Where to Stay in Los Angeles? What to do in Los Angeles? Los Angeles airport transportation guide you can find..

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