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Lösev – Leukemia

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What Is Leukemia? LEUKEMIA IN ADOLESCENCE: Leukemias represent 35% of cancer instances in childhood and rank first. consistent with leukemias cellular phone type; ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and AML (Acute Myeloblastic …

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What Is Leukemia?

adolescence constitute 35% of leukemias in cancer cases of age and is the first place. consistent with the sort of cell leukemias; aLL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and AML (acute myeloblastic leukemia) including two divided into groups. every sub classes in tanımlanabilir.türkiye in themselves years 1200-1500 new cases of leukemia are stated in children under age of 16.

Workout reasons of leukemia have not been fully clarified yet. chemical compounds similar to drugs, a few hereditary diseases and some viral illnesses in combination have been shown in studies to cause leukemia.Leukemia is noticed at any age. cta.
With you modification of code in the primary cells in our bone marrow, that’s the primary manufacturing website of blood circulating in our veins, a rise occurs in immature blood cells, which we call blasts.

In workout exam performed by means of pediatric hematology specialists with those proceedings, liver and spleen growth, growth of lymph nodes, bleeding findings may also be detected.

Definitive prognosis as a result of blood, bone marrow, cellphone kind resolution and genetic tests. .

Distinct tests in analysis will generally lend a hand to figure out the types of leukemia and remedy ideas.


Remedy starts with art strategies of correcting the overall condition. At this level, it is crucial to take blood or unique cells in the blood from donors (volunteer blood donors) to sport patient with leukemia, to combat if there’s infection, to take measures to offer protection to kidneys, liver and heart from fitnessmotivation negative effects of chemotherapy medicine.

and informing households in regards to the illness, explaining that leukemia isn’t hopeless, at the contrary, an even remedy and moral strengthen supplies improvement in leukemia up to 85%.


< Very top dose is administration of a minimum of 6 other medication intravenously and orally inside 4-6 weeks.For this reason why, travel hair of our youngsters falls out, wounds are opened in their mouths and intestines, they usually grow to be vulnerable. Once More, as the defense cells that offer protection to our frame in opposition to infections are also destroyed with medicine, immune machine is destroyed, even smallest microbe, disease issue spreads to the whole frame and reasons severe fever infections. They wear masks to prevent germs and to be secure.

Remedy Strategies
The Elemental principle in the treatment of leukemia illness is to forestall proliferation of immature blast cells with change of code within the major blood cells in the bone marrow. and then to make commonplace blood components.

Malignant blast cells multiply very quickly. These are divided into more than a few levels consistent with maturity and copy time: 1) Mitosis, 2) G circuit, 3) S circuit. Purpose in remedy; it’s killing of blasts in all stages by utilizing medicine with different effects for an extended time inside a program.

There are FOUR stages in the remedy, which lasts approximately 3 years:

1- LOADING TREATMENT (Sledgehammer Operation) :
5-6 different types of medicine are given at the comparable time intravenously.

it is an attack of friendly troops with cannon, rifle and bomb towards enemy forces that have occupied bodies. it’s almost like a Battle of Independence has begun.

bad cells that panic and scatter instantly take on armor so as to offer protection to themselves, resist, conceal and is trying to proliferate. together with beautiful armed forces of our frame, friendly forces attack fashion enemy with bombs from happy air, land and sea. in this treatment that lasts for 3-4 months, very prime doses of different powerful medicine are administered intravenously.

Sadly, sports beneficial cells in our body additionally die, hair falls out and sores appear in the mouth.

it is a treatment that stops enemy cells which are defeated, dismembered, dispersed within the bone marrow from settling in our brain and frightened device and reproductive organs, and from going into insidious activities. In a few cases, radiotherapy (radiation treatment) can be carried out. They adopt a sort of mystery provider function.

THE PURPOSE is to forestall any re-proliferation of enemy cells in our body.

It lasts for approximately 2.5-3 years.

After 3-THREE.FIVE years of remedy, an entire recovery of as much as 85% is achieved. our youngsters, who’re monitored handiest with controls after remedy, continue their customary lives like all siblings and pals. As may be beautiful case in all people, there is a small possibility of recurrence of leukemia in people who have overcome life disease. In those cases, equivalent remedies and / or bone marrow transplantation can also be applied.

THE MEDICINE selected in chemotherapy and at what occasions, in what doses shall be administered after long-term experiments and packages determined. Those studies as well as many helpful scientists from Turkey, hematology journal, are disclosed in the congress and presented to fit consumer. Sport success or failure of treatment is monitored and the results are evaluated within the clinical institutions dependent. failing points are evaluated in national and global scientific committees and new drugs, new doses or different methods are positioned into follow.

Sadly, all medications particular to leukemia remedy are available from in another country. are being.

A field prices around ONE HUNDRED million lira. Masses of bottles of medicine are used. If catheters, kits, serums, blood products are calculated, the price of remedy reaches loads of billions of liras.

Staying away from college
By Way Of friends being excluded
Beautiful society thinks that these kids do not have a possibility to recover
considering motivation disease is contagious because of mask
Youngsters not being able to participate in social actions (Cinema, theater,…)
the obligation of youngsters to stay away from their favorite meals
Now Not having the ability to seek out blood
loss of cash
Dismissal of families who wish to accompany their children at the health facility as a result of common go away from their places of work

Currently, fitness vaccine equipped for dangerous teams in our country is supplied by means of Novartis company and dose-similar recommendations are given for this vaccine based on the available training. as well as, H1N1 disease and prophylaxis tracking algorithm ready by means of life Ministry of Travel was organized according with you set of rules.

Affected Person teams and recommendations:
1. For KIT patients:
it is really helpful to use protocol advisable through EBMT.

2. For leukemia, lymphoma and forged tumor sufferers:
a. Sufferers who are still receiving extensive chemotherapy. /> b.Patients who are still receiving repairs treatment
c. Sufferers who’re currently receiving outpatient chemotherapy
d. Patients who are still discontinued chemotherapy, inside the first yr
e. Patients who do not have malignancy but obtain immunosuppressive therapy for various purposes (corticosteroids incorporated)
All sufferers on this team are beneficial vaccination;

* Novartis vaccine:
it’s recommended to present ZERO.FIVE ml in an instant and provides a 2nd dose after FOUR weeks.

* Glaxo vaccine
6 months – NINE years vintage: 0.25ml administered in an instant and given a second dose after 4 weeks
Above 1 ZERO years: ZERO.5 ml administered immediately and 4 weeks 2nd dose after Advisable.

* it is really helpful that accompanying mother be vaccinated absolutely and, if possible, all members of the family.

* Vaccination is usually recommended in febrile neutropenic patients after an infection treatment is done. > f.

Sport vaccination schedule is implemented.

management of oseltamivir in sufferers younger than one year was once integrated within the CDC record dated September 2009. it is pronounced that it can also be carried out in pandemic and severe infection. Usa literature is hooked up.


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