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Male and Female Cat Sterilization

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There is nothing cuter in the world than kittens. Unfortunately, all pretty kittens fail when it comes to finding a home. When stray kittens mate with each other or with free-roaming house cats, a life of misery for their kittens becomes inevitable. It is ensured that cats are neutered to prevent unnecessary suffering. In case a cat is adopted, it is a […]

Male and Female Cat Neuter

There is nothing more adorable than kittens in the world. Unfortunately, all pretty kittens fail when it comes to finding a home. When stray kittens mate with each other or with free-roaming house cats, a life of misery for their kittens becomes inevitable. In order to prevent unnecessary suffering, it is ensured that cats are neutered.

It is an inevitable fact that there will be a cost if a cat is adopted.

If more kitties are not desired in the house, there is also a sterilization process for this. In this process, the prices of female cat and male cat sterilization differ.

Dr. Pati answered all your questions in this article. If you have questions about cat neutering, Dr. You can reach Paw.

Why Are Female and Male Cats Neutered?

What Is The Difference Between Male And Female Cat Neuter?

When Should I Neuter My Cat?

What Are the Advantages of Neutering Cats?

What to Consider Before Neutering My Cat

What Changes When I Neutered My Cat?

What Are the Disadvantages of Neutering Cats?

< Are Cat Sterilization Prices Expensive? Cat Sterilization Fees

What Should Be Considered After Neutering?

Is Diet Applied After Neutering?

Why Are Female and Male Cats Sterilized?

Neutering has many advantages for cats. Neutered cats tend to be less aggressive.

The risk of fighting with other cats is reduced. Female cats do not get hot and male cats do not mark unpopular at home. On average, neutered cats have a longer life expectancy than non-neutered cats.

They are less stressed and more balanced. Finally, neutering cats is a process that naturally prevents animals from reproducing. Cats reach sexual maturity before they are one year old. Some purebred cats reach maturity in a little longer. A female cat gives birth twice a year on average, and an average of 2 to 6 kittens are born during each breeding process. Example: A cat has approximately 80 cats as a result of breeding at the same rate over a period of 10 years.

They have kittens and hundreds of thousands of kittens. Few of these cats find a beautiful home. Unwanted kittens are often abandoned, killed or, at best, taken to animal shelters that are hopelessly overcrowded in many places. Cats and male cat sterilization are seen as an important measure of animal welfare rather than animal rights.

What is the Difference between Male and Female Cat Sterilization?

There can sometimes be some confusion among cat owners when it comes to cat neutering.

. H em male and female cat sterilization are different from each other.

In sterilization operations, cat sterilization fee , hormone producing organs or glands are different from each other. Testicles in these male cats and ovaries in female cats are changed and operations are performed in this direction. It is a standard practice that most veterinarians can do. By creating a small incision in male cats, male cat sterilization price is determined. Then scrotum sacs are opened. Spermatic ducts and blood vessels are connected and testicles are separated from each other. Opening the abdominal wall to remove the ovaries is the operation performed in female cat sterilization procedures. The operation is more complicated in a woman than in a man. At the same time, if it is too late for male sterilization price , the removal of the uterus is a rare procedure.

When Should I Neuter My Cat?

The right time to neuter your cat is the development level and breed.

About 6 to 8 months, it should be considered by taking cat sterilization price . It would also be correct to consult the neutering process and development in consultation with a veterinarian who is an expert in the field. It would be better to reach this decision with a veterinarian who is specialized in the field.

What Are the Benefits of Neutering a Cat?

The heat symptoms of female cats such as constant crying disappear. It prevents the risk of diseases of the genital organs that may occur if mating does not occur after the sterilization of fertile cats. Fighting with other cats is reduced for cats outside. Cats generally become more stable, reliable and stress-free. It exhibits less aggressive behavior. Gender-specific diseases are less common. For life expectancy, neutering cats is seen higher on average than in non-sterilized animals. The risk of disease, such as cancer or pathological changes in organs, is reduced.

Things to Consider Before Neutering

Neutering your cat is done under anesthesia in any case.

It is recommended not to give food 12 hours in advance. However, it is allowed to drink water. In addition, female cat neuter should not be in heat during the operation. Otherwise, it should not be forgotten that the risk of postoperative bleeding increases.

Read more about the neutering operation . You can find it on Paw’s cat neutering page.

What Changes When I Neutered My Cat?

A neutering will not affect the behavior of cats. Only reproduction is mechanically prevented in the dicing part of the egg and sperm ducts. Usually sterilization of cats is associated with hormonal and possibly behavioral changes that are perceived positively. In general, the advantages of neutering clearly outweigh its disadvantages compared to neutering with a cat neuter fee.

What are the Disadvantages of Neutering Cats?

Some cats become lazy after being neutered. For this reason, specially prepared cat food can be preferred.

Approximately two days after the operation, the animals’ appetite increases significantly. Food intake increases by about 20 percent. At the same time, the basal metabolic rate, ie calorie requirement, decreases by about 30 percent.

Therefore, it is important to reduce the amount of feed in order for your pet to maintain its weight. It is completely the owners’ interest and responsibility to prevent the female or male cat from becoming fat and fat after sterilization . Whether the behavior of cats changes after neutering and whether these changes are perceived as positive or negative by the owner may differ from case to case. Hormonal change not all cats react in the same way.

Are Cat Neutering Prices Expensive? Cat Sterilization Fees

The sterilization fee for female cats differs for male cats and female cats. In addition, since there will be expenses such as anesthesia, medicine, infusion, it would be more appropriate to get a price quote from a veterinarian who is an expert in the field. Veterinarians determine female cat sterilization fee according to various treatments to be applied.

Neutering operation fees differ for male and female cats. It varies between 550 – 2000 TL for female cats and 350 – 1500 TL for male cats. These fees may vary according to blood tests and medications to be administered.

What to Look Out For After Neutering?

If your cat is neutered in the morning, you can usually get it from the vet in the evening. Make sure the animal is in a quiet, warm place where it can fully awaken from anesthesia and relax without being disturbed. Most cats continue to be dizzy from neutering anesthesia. Do not lay it on a high place, it is important to place it on the floor by making a blanket or a bed. Otherwise there is a risk of falling when the animal tries to move. Your cat will usually feel pain for a while after the surgery. For this reason, unusual or very introverted behaviors can be seen with cat sterilization . It may take a few days for female cats to become painless again.

Will Diet be Applied After Neutering?

Do not completely change their eating habits after cat sterilization .

It is more beneficial to use low-calorie cat food. In the long term, it helps to maintain the ideal weight of the cat as it has an energy content adapted to the changing metabolism of neutered cats. It is a misconception to think that male cat sterilization will be a problem in terms of nutrition. .

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