Meatballs with Halloumi

Meatballs with Halloumi
Meatballs with Halloumi

Meatball Meatballs with Halloumi

Meals for Meatballs

250 gr. minced meat
¼ glass of breadcrumbs
Black pepper
¼ vineyard parsley
2 tablespoons of water

Foods for breaks

Purple bell pepper
Yellow bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Pink onion
Halloumi cheese

For meatballs;

Take all the foods for health meatballs into a mixing bowl and knead.
Lower out walnut-sized pieces out of your prepared meatballs and roll them together with your fingers.

For breaks;

Chop sports peppers and onions for coarse cooking.
Chop your halloumi cheese into cubes.
Beautiful meatballs you’ve got prepared and vegetables you’ve got sliced. Arrange garbage bottles as you would like.
Take your steamed pan to gym stove and heat it.
Take skewered meatballs into your scorching pan and cook them on both sides.

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