Meet the flu

Meet the flu
Meet the flu

During the winter, many people lean on the doors of hospitals saying they have the flu. However, most patients are not fully acquainted with the flu virus. So what is the flu? How to tell?

If the person’s eyelids are itchy,
If there is runny nose, sneezing, itching in the nose,
If there is a condition such as headache, high fever in the body,< br/> If the body has no desire such as weakness, not eating and drinking water
If there is cold or shivering in normal hot environments,

How is the flu transmitted?

In cases such as shaking hands, touching someone else’s belongings (glasses, clothes, household items), the virus immediately finds another transmission route and activates the epidemic status in contact situations. A person who catches a cold can spread the virus to everyone in the environment, such as “sneezing” or coughing in environments where people are present.

How is the flu treated?

According to experts, the body should be hygienic and always clean. In particular, hands should always be clean. Medications given by the doctor should be used in full and on time. In herbal treatment methods, linden tea and sage tea seem to have a great effect on this disease. >

According to experts, the following foods are the way to alleviate the complaints of bronchitis, cough, high fever, which are frequently complained about when flu, and to get rid of mouth and throat inflammations.

Oats: The use of oat products containing beta-glucan in order to strengthen your body resistance is important for supporting the immune system.

Tarhana: Tarhana soup is frequently used in winter months. It is the most consumed soup in disease processes such as flu and colds. Among the benefits of tarhana, the most important is that it strengthens the immune system. Tarhana, which is one of the most delicious soups and contains A, B group vitamins and calcium, iron and zinc minerals, is a very nutritious and satisfying food.

Consume Kefir-Yogurt: The intestines play an important role in keeping the immune system strong. Probiotics, which strengthen the intestinal flora, should be included in your daily diet as at least 1 bowl of yogurt or 1 glass of kefir every day. Although the taste of kefir may not be good at first, you can make it more likable by consuming it with fruit. Do not forget to strengthen your immunity with its richness of calcium and calcium.

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