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Miami Attractions List | Top 20 Places!

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Where to go in Miami? What should be written on the list of places to visit in Miami? Located in the southeast of Florida, the port city of Miami is a center of attraction for travelers from all over the world.

Where to visit in Miami? Places to visit in Miami What to put on the list? Located in the southeast of Florida, the port city of Miami is the center of attention for travelers from all over the world.

Miami owes this reputation largely to its natural beauty, long beaches and recreational opportunities. However, thanks to its Latin origin inhabitants, the city also embodies important cultural and historical background.

The city, which is nicknamed “ the capital of Latin America “, due to its population structure, has its nature, culture, You can find all the places that will allow you to get to know the nightlife on the list of places to visit in Miami. I will share very important information throughout the guide, but pay attention to these first;

Where to stay? South Beach, Miami Beach, Downtown, Brickell, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are the best places to stay in the city.

Apart from that, you can have a fun trip by signing up for Miami: Half-Day Tour by Double-Decker Bus and Boat .

You can read the detailed list of things to do in Miami in Miami. what to do? You can find it in our article.

Miami Attractions List

places to see in Miami Miami attractions map. You can enlarge it by clicking the image. Click to open it in Google Maps.

Places to visit in Miami:

Miami Beach & South BeachOcean DriveEverglades National ParkLittle HavanaVizcaya Museum and GardensArt Deco DistrictBayside MarketplaceWynwood WallsLincoln RoadSeaquariumFairchild Tropicalic GardenBayvanishfront ParkChildren’s MuseumHayvanatreed Monastery, Gablesungmer’s Garden ArenaKey West

1. Miami Beach & South Beach

Miami trip South Beach

To prepare a list of places to visit in Miami, with the two most popular tourist attractions of the region I think it would be right to start.

Attractions such as the Miami Beach Botanical Garden are among the factors that affect this choice.

Iconic South Beach stands out with its entertainment and shopping opportunities. South Beach, also known by the locals as “ SoBe “; It is famous for its boutique hotels, long beaches and bars overlooking Ocean Drive. Art Deco architecture, which is identified with the city, shows its effect here too.

Hotel Recommendation: The 5-star 1 Hotel South Beach hotel is the best accommodation you can stay in the region. One of the popular hotels.

2. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive miami travel guide

2.1 kilometers long Ocean Drive which was opened in 1915 , one of the first places that comes to mind when Miami is mentioned.

The street, which has inspired many TV series, movies and computer games with its colorful atmosphere, starts from South Pointe Park and is considered to be the center of Miami Beach.

The hotels with Art Deco style architecture and chic bars and restaurants that I just mentioned are located on this road.

Local people and travelers in search of entertainment have great interest throughout the year. On the other side of the street they show, an endless beach is waiting for you.

If you are after the lively atmosphere, the 5th

You can go to the parts between the streets. You can use the walking path between the street and the beach to take photos and observe.

3. Everglades National Park

Miami tour Everglades National Park

Third largest protected area in the United States after Death Valley and Yellowstone Everglades National Park is located 48 kilometers from South Beach.

The national park, which covers an area of ​​more than 610 thousand square meters, has gained its attraction significantly in the 20th century due to human-induced factors.

However, the wetland fed by Lake Okeechobee and the rivers Kissimee, Myakka, Peace, Caloosahatchee has regained its former glory with the projects implemented in the last 20 years.

Everglades National Park ‘ You can spend extremely enjoyable hours by participating in many activities When you come to the park, you can first visit the visitor center and get detailed information about the region.

Then you can follow the Anhinga Road and reach the observation tower.

If you visit the national park, I also recommend you to go on a crocodile tour.

Tour Recommendation: You can have fun in the region by joining the Everglades: Alligators and Boat Tour .

4. Little Havana

miami places to visit little havana

If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to Cuba so far, don’t worry. Because on your trip to Miami, you can visit Little Havana and experience a small copy of the atmosphere of the exotic country.

Exotic in a settlement where almost the entire population is made up of immigrants from Central and South America. You can have fun by chasing flavors and colorful carnivals.

The center of Little Havana is 8. The street , also known as Calle Ocho , is formed. Spanish films are being screened at the Tower Theater on this road.

If watching movies here is not enough for you, you can join Viernes Culturales, which makes the atmosphere of the region even more active, on the last Friday of each month.

During the “ Cultural Friday ” event, special exhibitions are held in art galleries within Little Havana.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Vizcaya Museum and Gardens miami places to visit

Bring the Mediterranean breeze to Miami with its original architecture < strong> Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was built as a residence by industrialist James Deering in 1916.

Deering hired 10% of Miami’s population at the time to complete its residence in a short time. With the completion of the construction process, the rooms of Villa Vizcaya, some of which are decorated with antique furniture, carpets, paintings and ornaments from the 15th century.

Vizcaya Museum, which you can include in your list of places to visit in Miami due to its architectural features and magnificent gardens. ground floor is nowadays used to display various contemporary art collections.

17. Designed with inspiration from the 18th and 18th century Italian gardens, gardens also feature many sculptures and fountains with eye-catching details.

Tour Recommendation: Go Miami Card: You can make a more economical trip to Miami by purchasing an All-Inclusive Touristic Places card.

Address: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129Visiting Hours: 09.30-16.30 Entry Fee: $ 22 :


These structures with different designs; Designed by renowned architects such as Albert Anis, Murray Dixon, Charles Greco.

You can see the most striking structures in the Art Deco District between 11th and 14th streets leading to Ocean Drive.

< In this area, especially the Congress Hotel located close to the 11th Street and the Tides one block away from it and Cavaliers right next to the 13th Avenue reveal all the splendor of the Art Deco style. 7. Bayside Marketplace Bayside Marketplace miami places to visit

Bayside Marketplace is very ambitious in providing different experiences to travelers who are bored with the monotony of shopping centers.

Adding a distinctive atmosphere to the coastal part of the city center that opens to Biscayne Bay, more than 150 shops and 12 restaurants operate within the two-storey facility. .

Its fun atmosphere stands out as the most important feature that distinguishes Bayside Marketplace from its counterparts.

You can even join parties if you want to dance. Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132Visiting Hours: 10.00-22.00 Website:

8. Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Art District travel to Miami

Thanks to street artists, where there are a number of warehouses out of use long ago Wynwood Walls has turned into a riot of colors.

Moreover, this unique collection, which makes the city even more colorful with murals, constitutes the third leg of the show Art Basel, which was also held in Basel and Hong Kong. . For this reason, the works displayed on the walls are completely changed at certain times of the year.

If you visit Wynwood Walls on the second Saturday of the month, where you will have the chance to examine interesting wall paintings and paintings, do not participate in another important event.

During this event called Wynwood Art Walk , the host art galleries organize special exhibitions.

Lincoln Road

Miami trip Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is one of the most important attractions of South Florida in these areas.

Built in 1912 as a result of the destruction of the mangrove forest in this area, the street is open to pedestrians only. In this way, shopping and gastronomy enthusiasts can easily reach the options they are looking for in a safe environment a few blocks from Ocean Drive.

I recommend you to stop by the parking lot on the west side while you are ready to go to Lincoln Street. Designed by a Swiss architectural office, the building attracts travelers with its extraordinary architecture as well as shopping opportunities. There are many shops and residences outside the parking areas inside the building.

10. Miami Seaquarium

Places to visit in Miami Seaquarium Miami

Miami Seaquarium , covering 38 acres, industrialist Fred D.

400 fish species, marine mammals from 6 different families and more than 50 species of invertebrates are living in the marine aquarium, which consists of only 3 sections when it was opened to visitors.

If you are on holiday with your family or are interested in underwater life, this unique facility can be visited in Miami. You can include it in your list of places.

Under the educational programs of the Miami Marine Aquarium, which is open to visitors 365 days a year, underwater life is explained to children. Adult visitors can participate in dozens of activities, especially diving in main tanks and swimming with dolphins in the facility, which has been severely damaged by hurricanes since its opening date.

Address: 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149Visiting Hours: 10.00-18.00 Entry Fee Website: $ 47.99Website:

11. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

miami attractions Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

A quiet and peaceful day during your Miami vacation You can change your route to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden whenever you want.

The botanical garden, under the consultancy of David Fairchild, from which it is named, was founded by businessman Robert H.

Of course, I recommend you not to skip the conservation area with various plants and the greenhouse where rare species are exhibited. Address: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33156Visiting Hours: 09.30-16.30 Entry Fee: $ 25Website:

12. Bayfront Park

Miami travel Bayfront Park

Covering 32 acres of land in the city center overlooking Biscayne Bay Bayfront Park was built between 1924-1925. The park, whose purpose of establishment is to have fun for the public, has been fulfilling its mission since its opening.

If you are in search of a place where you can relax and participate in cultural activities during your trip to Miami, you can visit Bayfront.

There are two different stages in Bayfront Park where live music performances are performed. Trapeze and yoga training are given around the JFK Friendship Torch , which decorates the northern part of the park.

If you walk to the southwest of the green area, Challenger Monument, which was placed in memory of the astronauts who died in the explosion in 1986. You can see .


Here, children can take on many roles, from withdrawing money from the bank to shopping for food, pet care, being a local police or firefighter.

Visitors who want to reveal their creativity can engage in attractions such as making music, adventures at sea, and painting murals.

Address: 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132 Visiting Hours: 10.00-18.00 Entry Fee: $ 20 Website:

14. Miami Zoo

miami travel guide zoo

Florida’s oldest and largest zoological park Miami Zoo Its garden was opened to visitors in 1948. At that time, the facility, called Crandon Park Zoo, covered an area of ​​48 acres on Key Biscayne.

Today, the zoo hosts over three thousand species of 500 different species within its 750-acre area. Over a thousand trees, bushes and plant species can also be observed in the facility.

During your visit to the Miami Zoo, you can enjoy various shows and participate in tours.

This way, you will have the opportunity to see Bengal tigers, Asian and African elephants, Komodo dragons. Address: 12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177 Visiting Hours: 10.00-17.00 Entry Fee: $ 22.95 15. Coral Gables

Miami trip Coral Gables

Places to visit in Miami due to its dynamic daily life, extraordinary architecture and peaceful atmosphere Coral Gables was founded in the early 20th century, inspired by the Beautiful City Movement.

Located in the southwest of the city center, the residential area offers its guests shopping, entertainment and accommodation options. You can first visit the Merrick House, Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables Museum and Town Hall.

After the visits, it is refreshing. You can head to the Venetian Pool for a break.

Freedom Tower Freedom Tower miami attractions

Freedom Tower, formerly the most important part of the Miami skyline , the campus of Miami-Dade University was built in 1925.

In the design of the iconic building that hosted The Miami News for 32 years, the bell tower of Seville Cathedral Giralda almost exactly copied.

The Freedom Tower was used to gather nearly half a million Cuban refugees during their admission process in the 1960s.

For this reason Also known as “ South’s Ellis Island “, Miami-Dade University Art and Design Museum continues its activities today.

When you visit the tower, which is 78 meters high, Picasso, You can view the works of valuable artists, including names such as Matisse and Chagall.

Address: 600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 Visiting Hours: 13.00-18.00


For this reason, the entertainment-oriented facility is considered among Miami’s oldest attractions. More than 3 thousand animals, including a thousand of various parrots, and activities where the adrenaline does not fall for a moment are waiting for you on the island.

Guests visiting the island can increase their knowledge of nature by watching the shows featuring animals and taking guided tours.

Jungle Island also has a water park where you can cool off and have fun with the view of the city center.

Address: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132Visiting Hours: 10.00-17.00 Entry Fee: $ 49.49 Website:

18. Spanish Monastery, St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church

Places to see in miami Spanish Monastery

It takes visitors to a time travel about European architecture and history Spanish Monastery or St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church was built between 1133 and 1141 in Segovia, Spain’s Castile-Leon Region.

In 1925, after a feverish work, a ship was dismantled and headed for New York. The last stop of the monastery on its journey was Miami in 1953.

The Spanish Monastery , which is the oldest structure of European origin in the Western hemisphere, continues to preserve its glory despite all the adventures it has experienced.

American Airlines Arena American Airlines Arena miami attractions

NBA league teams Miami Heat American Airlines Arena , where she played home games, was opened in 1999. The facility for sports and entertainment purposes in the city center has a seating capacity of 19,600 people.

There is also a multi-purpose section called Waterfront Theater within the hall. In this section, which is the largest theater hall in Florida, many concerts, events for families and other stage organizations are held throughout the year.

AAA does not organize guided tours in the stadiums in Europe as we are used to. However, on the days of basketball games and concerts, visitors are offered many options from standard services to premium packages.

Address: 601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 Website:

20. Key West

Key West miami travel guide

The last place of the list of places to visit in Miami is, so to speak, a paradise Key West separated it into strong>.

Click for information and reservation.

Where to stay in Miami? As I explained in detail in my article South Beach , Miami Beach , Downtown , Brickell , Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are among the most popular places to stay in the city.

Located in South Beach. 4-star, Urbanica The Meridian Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. The facility, which received a very high score of 9.0 out of 10 as a result of the visitor evaluation of over 1000, is located 600 meters away from Ocean Drive. Click to review the hotel and make a reservation .

In my article titled Where to stay in Miami? , information and photos about all important areas to stay in the city other than this facility You can read.

Throughout the article about places to visit in Miami, I tried to give you information about all the important places in the city that you should visit.

During your trip to Miami, you can read detailed information and photos even for every budget. You can read our hotel recommendations according to my article titled Where to stay in Miami? .

You can find details about what you can do in the city in our article What to do in Miami? . Detailed information about transportation from the airport to the city center is in our article titled Miami airport transportation guide


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