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What does a Muslim mean?

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A person who believes in the religion of Islam, adopts this religion, accepts the rules of this religion and worships is called a Muslim, a believer or a Muslim. This word has entered our language from Persian.
People who see God as his God, submit to him, adopt the religion of Islam and follow the rules of this religion are Muslims. The Muslim person accepts the Koran as the holy book and Hz. He sees Muhammad as a prophet and messenger of Allah.

Also, Hz. He fulfills Muhammad’s teachings and advices, namely the sunnahs. The word Muslim means surrender to Allah in Arabic. Muslims believe that God is one, not created and created everything.

Dictionary meaning of the word Muslim

1 Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, believer.

2. One who fulfills the rules of Islam.

3. True, inseparable person.

The origin of the word Muslim

The word Muslim has entered our language from the Persian word “Musliman”. This word, on the other hand, is the plural of the word “muslim” from Persian Arabic, followed by the plural suffix “an” in Persian.

The words Muslim and islam come from the root “slm”, meaning “surrender, islam” in Arabic. That is, Islam has the meaning of “surrendering, not resisting”. Consequently, the word “Muslim” also means “one who surrenders to Allah and worship him.”

The use of the word Muslim in a sentence

1. He was fasting during the month of Ramadan because he was a Muslim.

2. The majority of Turkish people are Muslim.

3. He met a Christian who said he wanted to be a Muslim.

English for the word Muslim

1. muslim

2. moslem

3. mohammedan

4. mussulman

5. muhammadan

6. islamic

7. mahometan

8. muhammedan

9. islamite

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