Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New website tracks where critical race theory is taught at US schools

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A Cornell Law School professor has launched a new website about critical race theory curriculum in the US — in hopes of educating “concerned” parents about how the controversial movement impacts education., created by William Jacobson, features a state-by-state list of more than 200 colleges and universities promoting critical race theory — which he describes as “a radical ideology that focuses on race as the key to understanding society, and objectifies people based on race.”

“The website is a resource for parents and students who no longer can assume they will be left alone,” Jacobson told Fox News. “The entire ideology of CRT and ‘anti-racist’ training is that ‘silence is violence.’”

He added, “As we head into college application and selection season, we need to get parents, in particular, to focus on CRT that will be forced on their kids.”

Launched last weekend, the website was a six-month project by Legal Insurrection, the conservative blog run by Jacobson. It contains information about various schools — including Cornell in Ithaca, where Jacobson teaches — as well as links to critical race training activity there.

“This summer, Cornell University announced a series of actions to respond to advocates of critical race theory,” the website reads. “A for-credit, university-wide graduation requirement covering ‘systemic racism, colonialism, bias and inequity’ is under development. Additionally, the university announced the creation of an ‘anti-racism’ research center, as well as possible reform of its police department.”

Jacobson told Fox News that people need to know that higher education “is the source of the problem.”

“It provides the ideological mothers’ milk for activists and trains the people who then go onto jobs in government and primary/secondary education and the ‘journalists’ who push this coverage,” he said.

The website includes a database of over 200 colleges and universities teaching critical race

Critics, including Discovery Institute researcher Chris Rufo, believe critical race theory perpetuates racism by encouraging segregation, Fox News reported.

Proponents say the intellectual movement helps people better understand race and its relevance to all social interactions.

“Racism is not extraordinary,” Angela Onwuachi-Willig, an expert on the theory at Boston University School of Law, told the Boston Globe. “Race and racism are basically baked into everything we do in our society. It’s embedded in our institutions. It’s embedded in our minds and hearts.”

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E-life also hit sleep

Social media, video games and tv habits that virtually totally take over human , reduce sleep time...

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