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Pastry Recipe

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Hello, E-Recipes followers, we will be able to give you Güneş Puff Recipe nowadays. Individuals Who make pastries understand that the pastries we make ceaselessly fall hard. if your donut fell hard, know that you simply made a mistake somewhere. The materials need to be at room temperature. Permit’s take care to check the expiration date of the fabrics and use them. if you happen to are going to add water or milk to the dough, permit’s ensure that it’s heat. we will be able to either add dry yeast to the pastry or take care of the way in which the contemporary yeast yeast is prepared. when you are going to use dry yeast, allow’s upload dry yeast and 1 spoonful of sugar to warm water and mix. Then allow it relax for a minimum of 10 minutes and add it to the dough. for those who are going to use recent yeast, add it to heat milk and blend it well, allow’s wait till it foams. we will remember whether or not yeast is recent or no longer through crumbling it in our fingers, if it’s crumbling in our fingers, we will take into account that it is contemporary.

in case you are thinking of Güneş Puff pastry for breakfast, we will be able to recommend the Cheese Omelette Recipe from the category of Egg dishes. Again, we can recommend the Potato with Thyme Recipe from the Meze Recipes category, which will swimsuit the breakfast table really well. you’ll bring the Aegean breeze for your desk with the Olive Jam Recipe, one in every of the jam recipes. Revel In it, come simple…

Meals for the Sun Pastry Recipe

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE grams of butter (at room temperature)

1 egg

220 grams (1 cup) yogurt

ONE HUNDRED TEN grams (part a tumbler) oil

1 pack of baking powder

1 quantity of salt

400 grams (4 glasses) of flour

For filling

1 teacup of grated feta cheese

1/2 bunch of parsley

For above


The yolk of 1 egg

Black Cumin

Güneş Pastry Recipe

Permit’s take the flour into the kneading bowl and open the center like a pool and put the opposite meals. (upload flour if important)

Permit’s knead it till you get a comfortable dough for earlobe.

Let the thick dough relax for twenty mins in a warm position.

within the intervening time, let’s get ready the interior subject material. For this, permit’s first extract the parsley and wash it.

Permit’s finely shred the picked and washed parsley, upload the white cheese you made on a grater and mix.

Allow’s tear a few smaller items from the rested dough, tangerine, put enough of the stuffing in it and close it.


Let’s make notches round it with the assistance of a knife, then brush the egg yolk on the dough.

Let’s spread greaseproof paper at the baking tray and position the pastries we’ve got ready. Permit’s sprinkle black cumin in the center of the pastries. Allow’s cook it at A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY degrees.

Bon appetit….

Be Aware: B consists of 18 pastries.

sizlere farkıyla sunulmuştur sizlere farkıyla sunulmuştur

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Why we need to rethink COVID-19 risk as the weather warms up

THIS IS an excerpt from Second Opinion, a weekly roundup of art and medical science information emailed to subscribers every...

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