Patients Are Sentenced to Surgery

Patients Are Sentenced to Surgery
Patients Are Sentenced to Surgery

exclusion of some of me physiotherapy charges with the new adjustments made by means of happiness SSI made travel patients aggrieved. inclusion of many illnesses similar to paralysis, MS, Parkinson’s and brain harm causes sufferers to be sentenced to surgical operation.

10 thousand physical therapy and rehabilitation beds are wanted. Alternatively, there are 1,750 beds in public and private hospitals. For this reason, patients must wait in line for a protracted time, especially to receive inpatient remedy. on this case, fitnessmotivation Social Safety Institution’s (SSI) except for those diseases from scope of treatment and rehabilitation and implementing limits creates severe problems for sufferers.

Turkey Bodily Drugs and Rehabilitation Association President Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Ketenci says that the majority of bodily treatment and rehabilitation practices are treatments that save you me patient from going to surgical treatment. Emphasizing that SSI prevents information treatment of many illnesses for which SSI has paid instagood surgical treatment with bodily medicine and rehabilitation, Ketenci mentioned, “In each amendment, we’re seeking to re-cover sicknesses which are now not paid. While we are suffering, we see that any other disease has been removed from checklist. on the different hand, obesity rehabilitation is removed from peace record while doing programs to battle weight problems.

Explaining that they are attempting to help many sufferers whose joints have deteriorated because of morphine habit because of unsuccessful again surgery and different surgical procedures, Ketenci stated, “Calcification, tennis elbow, heel spur, again pain, ankle Patients with many issues corresponding to sprains, other joint problems had been pressured to pay from their very own pockets. Our patients are painful and disabled. Due To This Fact, sufferers whose quality of is affected a lot. As physicians, we are faced with patients. “We must say” state does not pay. “there may be necessarily a friction.”

Reminding that the general Medical Health Insurance General Manager İsmet Koksal and the top of Photooftheday Products And Services Division Erman Ceyhan are orthopedic consultants, President of peace Bodily Treatment and Rehabititation Operators Association Koksal Holoğlu said, “We’re victims of professional care. Rehabilitation practices have been almost excluded from workout scope of SSI. With those practices, a big choice of sufferers suffered. as an example, sufferers with fibromyalgia, obesity rehabilitation application, power ache sufferers had been sentenced to inconclusive medicines. Restrictions direct individuals who cannot obtain physical remedy and rehabilitation services to orthopedics and neurosurgery. “Sufferers who could not get a role could come to private institutions. because of the restrictions, they can not come to us. They need to have surgical operation. in brief, a rent is created.

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