Friday, October 22, 2021

Pokemon GO spreads physical and mental illness

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Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Ali Bozkurt mentioned that it’s wrong to make use of places of worship for game functions.

Workout Pokemon GO recreation, that is spreading impulsively amongst youth, reasons social phobia to deepen. teenagers who play video games with out announcing streets, parks, gardens or mosques face mental and bodily issues.

Liv Health Facility Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Ali Bozkurt mentioned that a massive choice of video games have began to be advanced with generation recently, “as the colorfulness and fascinating features of these games building up, they may be able to additionally bring spiritual and physical risks. it is recognized that these games is not going to exceed 1-2 hours. Then Again, once we look at these video games, we will be able to see that those periods build up to 7-8 hours, 10 hours, on the way to disturb sleep at evening, because of their appeal and dependancy components. “



Bozkurt defined the issues related to taking part in such games as follows:

“Spending time with this type of factor prevents us from socializing significantly. A recreation that supposedly enables folks to head out on the street is definitely virtual. Being within the world and living in the digital international, taking part in games, after all, requires use of these equipment, and photooftheday curvature of frame posture may cause spinal problems, digestive problems, and similar physical issues. as well as, because the basis of video games activates travel reward facilities in our brain, it also exacerbates response to battle and win, which is considered one of our basic queries. n could cause flare-up. “


” Some Other much more critical If lifestyle psychological drawback is that folks cannot draw the limits among delusion worlds and reality worlds, it should be useful to painting our delusion global, but especially in youngsters beneath informations age of 12-10 whose summary considering capacity is not evolved, those situations result in them not to find a way to distinguish the bounds between fact and virtual global smartly, and Prof.

Bozkurt said, “not just in kids, but additionally in adults, virtual reports could cause the boundaries among fit fantasy global and the truth international to be disrupted. this will likely result in deterioration of the reality stories in everyday life if there are people with the prospective to be afflicted by serious mental diseases. it will impact the entire high quality of and it is one in all the problems to be able to carry risks. “


< Prof. Dr. Bozkurt mentioned: "Especially kids need to be very careful about this factor as a result of internet addiction is one of the problems we have already noticed not too long ago. They will not be outside of daily limitations, they is not going to exceed 1-2 hours. So Much of adolescents are confronted with an advanced deterioration in each their non secular and high quality."

With virtual recreation that takes kids to streets, also played in mosques, Diyanet-Sen President Mehmet Bayraktutar said, “That Is to underestimate mosques, which are probably the most fashion properties of worship of motivation Islamic faith.

I perceive it as a scenario of fit Western global towards the faith of Islam. I condemn this. i need to be banned in Turkey, “he mentioned.


Diyanet-Sen President Deputy Hacibey Özkan mentioned, “Our Diyanet-Sen Chairman Mehmet Bayraktar made an announcement on this issue. you understand, our religion is a faith that attaches nice importance to photography use of time and . When we glance at it, our mosques are not puts the place leisure time is spent. We shouldn’t disturb our citizens in the mosque. “Our rules are transparent on this topic.” Özkan, who requested questions, stated:

“in fact, the main function of societies that glorify that is to take a look at the problem from the material facet, however we need to look at it from gym spiritual facet. i’ve not observed a prayer in entrance of or at the back of our aged congregation, enjoying video games with a pc or a phone, before I do not believe that such a prayer can be permissible.

it’s necessary to make excellent use of free time in our faith. We don’t need this to be started from mosques, we do not settle for it to be played in mosques. /

Expressing that a generation has emerged dealing with non-Islamic figures or characters, Özkan said, “If this isn’t controlled in a single approach, it means entering a troublesome degree. We do not want mosques to be used out of goal. Our participants also began to call us, it implies that it didn’t change into in style in our country, however it is not common either. A law should also be enacted legally. Training mosque has a manners, there’s a manners of worship, it has a shape, it’s essential to interfere if it’s in a state and motion as opposed to that. “



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