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Recommendations for First Time Skiing

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The most fun of winter is experienced in snowy peaks. Have you started making vacation plans to experience the excitement of skiing in the white peaks? The season has started in Uludağ, Kartepe, Palandöken and Sarıkamış. Then pack your backpack, we go skiing… As the ski season is on, we have a few suggestions to make the holiday easier for those who will be skiing for the first time by trying something brand new this winter. Beginners to Ski Sport […]

The most fun of winter is experienced on snowy peaks. Have you started to make holiday plans to experience the excitement of skiing on the white peaks?

The season has started in Uludağ, Kartepe, Palandöken and Sarıkamış. Then pack your backpack, we go skiing…

With the ski season open, we have a few suggestions to make the holiday easier for first-time skiers by trying something brand new this winter.

New Beginners in Skiing 7 Suggestions for


It is useful to buy simple clothes such as gloves in order to be protected from infections such as nail fungus.

However, companies that rent ski equipment regularly disinfect the equipment after use. For this reason, you can rent equipment such as coats, trousers, goggles, batons, skis or snowboards.

If you plan to ski regularly, you can try different brands’ products on different days, if possible, and determine the most suitable ones. First of all, you can get information about what equipment you should have with you while skiing and what should be in your backpack.

2. Should I Take Ski Lessons?

The answer to the question of how to learn to ski is of course stand up and start skiing. It is quite normal for you to live, small falls. Do not be discouraged, do not forget that even the most professional skiers were amateurs and beginners once.

However, skiing is a sport that requires preparation and you have to master the technical knowledge.

For this reason, we recommend that you take lessons from a ski instructor at least for the first time.

If you have skied before but this time you have come to the ski center you have chosen for the first time, it is useful to get brief information from the ski instructors here. It may be useful to learn which lifts are used, the difficulty levels of the tracks and the details you need to pay attention to. Remembering what you know and doing a short warm-up tour can also help you skate more professionally.

3. When Is The Best Time To Ski?

Turkey’s snowfall at ski resorts around the duration of stay on the ground varies. Therefore the weather for the best ski experience tight to follow and you need to get updated information about snow in ski resorts.

But in December, going skiing holiday in Turkey has ski resorts you can ski right up to mid-April.

When planning a ski holiday, it is an important detail to check the weather forecast and select dates without blizzards, especially if you are going to ski abroad.

For example, the ski season in Uludağ starts around December 15 and continues until April 15.

You can take a 25-minute cable car ride from Bursa to Uludağ and enjoy the view.

4. Ski Hotel or Mountain House?

When planning a ski holiday, it is difficult to decide where to stay. . It is possible to stay in a ski hotel and reach many facilities from ski instructor to lifts more easily. However, budget problems may arise in this way.

Although it seems that staying in chalets or apartments will reduce the cost a little more, transportation to the ski center, skipass and external equipment rental items may increase your costs.

Especially the first If you are on a skiing holiday for a time, hotels close to the ski slope that offer free skipass can be life-saving.

Many of the hotels in Uludağ can also offer discounts on ski equipment rental to guests staying at the hotel.


Region and Uludağ 2nd Region, Kartepe, Kartaltepe, Davraz ski center, Sarıkamış ski center and Palandöken are the first options that come to mind.

Kartepe and Kartaltepe ski resorts to start skiing with a weekend holiday their centers are both very close and have more affordable hotels.

The closest ski resort to Antalya is Davraz Ski Center, however, the ski season lasts shorter here than other options.

Located in Eastern Anatolia, Sarıkamış Ski Center is located in Kars. which is equivalent to that of the Alps snow quality in Turkey can start looking at flights to Kars to go to the Sarıkamış ski resort where the crystal abdominal found.

Dadaş the hometown of Erzurum winter tourism paradise to convert Palandöken Ski Resort also suitable ski resorts to different tastes and stands out with its tracks of different difficulty levels.

6 with ski runs suitable for the Winter Olympics.

Many ski hotels create an atmosphere where they can spend time outside in the evenings to make their guests comfortable.

You can chat with your friends for something around the gas stove or the barrels with fire inside and leave yourself to the rhythm of the music.

Especially if you are on holiday during the winter festivals, you can watch the concerts of many artists or DJ performances.

There are also many hotels that have a sausage party at the barbecue close to midnight and offer hot drinks.

A suitable for entertainment concept. By reserving your place in the hotel, you can spend every moment of your ski holiday to the fullest.

If you want to sit calmly and read your book or enjoy the silence, you can warm yourself by the fireplace. If you have rented a chalet or apartment with a garden, you can light a campfire and spend time with your loved ones around it. You can even cook marshmallows (marshmallows) on the fire, which is a classic of cinema, and watch the stars.


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