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Rome Airport City Center Transportation Options

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rome airport city center transportation guide
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Rome Airport City Center Transportation PackagesRoma Fiumicino Airport City Center Transportation1. Rome Airport Trains 2. Terravision Bus 3. SIT Bus Shuttle4. T.A.M Buses 5. Municipal Bus 6. Hotel Airport Shuttle7. TaxiCiampino Airport City Center TransportationTerravision BusSIT Bus ShuttleTaxi Briefly Rome Airport City Center Transportation

Rome airport What are the city center transportation options? Many alternatives are offered to travelers who want to go to the city center from the airports in Rome , the capital of Italy . Among these alternatives, there are expensive and luxurious transportation methods as well as economical and fast options.

The destination of the vast majority of flights from our country is Leonardo da Vinci Airport (more commonly used as Fiumicino). Since I have Rome airport city center transportation guide, I focused on information about this airport.

Perhaps using these services for your hotel transfers for a pleasant Rome holiday will save you time and energy.

There are many sites on the internet where you can sign up for such tours, Getyourguide is among the most popular. Some of the most popular transportation packages on the site are:

Ciampino or Rome Fiumicino Airport Private Transfer : Special service with a starting price of 56 Euros for groups of up to 4 people. Duration 50 minutes to 1 hour, fast confirmation, easy cancellation, hotel pick-up or airport pick-up. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Fiumicino Airport: Two-Way Shuttle to Rome City Center: Duration 45 minutes, fast confirmation, easy cancellation. Transfer by bus from Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center or vice versa. Prices starting from 6 Euros per person. Click for information and reservation.

Rome Fiumicino Airport City Center Transportation Transfer by Vatican Shuttle Bus: With these buses, which cost 6 Euros one way, You can comfortably reach the Vatican from Fiumicino in 40-45 minutes for an affordable price.

For this reason, many transportation options have been put into operation, especially for those who want to go to the city center.

International flights take place from Terminal B at this airport. Let’s talk about Rome airport city center transportation options…

1. Rome Airport Trains

rome airport city center transportation train transportation

Fiumicino Airport has 2 different train options that provide transportation to the city center. The first of these options, Leonardo Express , operates between 06.23-23.23 hours and after leaving the airport within an average of 32 minutes , Roma Termini is the main train station of the city. It provides transportation to.

The frequency of the express trains, which move at intervals of 15 minutes during peak hours, increases to once every 30 minutes. Tickets are set at 14 Euros per person for adults. Children under the age of 4 and under the age of 12 can use the train free of charge provided that they have a parent with a ticket.

Tickets, online * It can be purchased from the sales channel or from the toll booths on the platform at the airport.

You can follow the signs at the airport for the train starting point.

The second option for those who prefer the railroad to get to the city center, FL1 commuter trains . I recommend the suburban trains, which run every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends and public holidays, especially for those who do not have a time limit. Because if you want to reach the city center with these trains, you need to transfer the subway or tram.

From the stations Ostiense and Tiburtina ”Line, and from Trastevere to tram number 8. Ticket prices are 8 Euros per person. By paying an additional 1.50 Euros in addition to this price, you can also buy a ticket valid on public transport. (This train does not go to Termini.)

You can also buy tickets for this train from the link above or from the toll booths at the airport.

2. Terravision Bus

rome airport city center transport terravision

One of the most economical transportation options from Rome airport to city center is the Terravision Bus with a one-way 5.80 price.

This detail consists of turning your open ticket into a boarding pass at the booths.

For example, let’s say you bought a certain ticket for a certain hour during the day. In order to get on the bus with this ticket, you need to replace your ticket with “ boarding pass ” just like the flight ticket logic. Thus, your open ticket turns into a ticket that will be valid at any time you want.

Since the number of seats is limited on flights, there is a situation that the first come will close the first seat. Try to get your boarding pass at least half an hour before the departure when the tourist season is busy. When traveling from the city center to the airport, be careful to make your travel plan a little more flexible considering the lack of space in buses.

Last reminder, I don’t think it is necessary, but if you buy your ticket online, be sure to take your print out with you. strong> 3. SIT Bus Shuttle

transportation from roma airport to city center sit bus shuttle

SIT Bus’s services are another option for those who prefer bus services to Fiumicino Airport city center.

SIT Bus ‘s shuttles are another option for those who prefer bus services to get to Rome city center.

6 Euros is requested from those who want to go to Termini directly from the stops at the exit of terminal numbered 3 .

The ticket price of the line that provides access to the Vatican is 6 Euro. If you want to buy your tickets as round trip, you pay 11 Euros.

You can purchase tickets from the company’s official website * where you can find all the details about the departure times or from the box office in terminal 3.

Termini takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you want to go to Termini while buying tickets online, you must select “ Via Marsala 5 ” at the address. You can find detailed information about the departure times on the company’s website.

4. FULL Buses

TAM Roma Airport City Center Transportation

Another bus service is the service provided by TAM .

From Rome Fiumicino Airport to Termini Train Station and vice versa, the fees are 6 Euros . Round trip ticket fees are 9 Euros .

NOTE: On the website, one-way tickets are shown as 7 Euros, but if you want to buy a one-way ticket, it is 6 Euros.

FULL Busses, where transportation from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Train Station takes an average of 1 hour , is located at Terminal 3 Arrival ”Hall leaves from the exit. If you purchase T.A.M bus tickets, which also have free wifi service, from this link *, you also get a space guarantee. In other words, because the bus is full, you don’t have to wait for the next one.

5. City Bus

airport bus from rome airport to city center

If your travel budget is limited or you do not have time limits, you can also use municipal buses for transportation to Fiumicino Airport city center.

Buses serving under the supervision of the Municipality of Rome, Departs from the stops located on the ground floor , just below the domestic arrivals terminal.

If you want to take advantage of this trip, you can purchase the ticket you need to get on the bus by paying 4.50 Euros from the blue signboard in the luggage area of ​​ Terminal 1 .

If you are going to stay in Rome for more than 3 days, I recommend getting the Roma Pass from the tourist office in Terminal 3 before getting on the bus. Thus, you can take advantage of all urban public transportation vehicles, including the city bus, free of charge.

6. Hotel Airport Service

transportation from rome airport to city center hotel pickup

One of the main transportation options for Rome airport city center is the hotel airport service option.

The system works as follows; First of all, you make your Rome hotel reservation from , one of the most reliable booking sites on the internet.

(If you want detailed information about the areas to stay in the city or you want direct hotel advice Where to stay in Rome .)

There are icons like “ Airport service ” on the promotional pages of the hotels.

Especially if you are traveling with 2-3 people, this option can be both comfortable and more economical for you.

After your hotel reservation, you can check with your Rome hotel in “ My Reservations ” section on You can get pricing information and even purchase the service directly. In most hotels, the service fee is paid during “ check in “.

7. Taxi

rome airport city center transport taxi

In this section of the Rome airport city center transportation guide I reserved for Fiumicino , I can recommend taxis as another comfortable option.

Vehicles that have been approved by the city administration can easily be distinguished from the others thanks to their white colors and illuminated signs. In addition, the municipality’s emblem is placed on the front doors of these vehicles, and the license number of the vehicle is placed on the rear doors and inside.

In official taxis, the base price is valid, especially to prevent travelers coming to the city from being victims.

If you are going to prefer taxis for transportation, remember that a maximum of 4 passengers and 4 bags are accepted.

The fixed price is valid for the main center, which is called “ inside walls ”. Namely, Navona Square, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Colosseum areas). Some taxi drivers claim that the address you give is not available in this area and may get extra money, be careful. Agree on the address and the fare before moving the taxi.

Ciampino Airport City Center Transportation

transportation from rome ciampino to the city center

Ciampino Airport mostly used by low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Wizzair as a destination. / strong> is located about 15 kilometers southeast of the city.

Rome’s number 2 airport, which does not have a direct train connection to the city center, closes this gap with different transportation options.

Terravision Bus

Terra vision buses Rome Airport City Center Transportation

Just like Leonardo da Vinci Airport, the first option that comes to mind when it comes to Ciampino Airport city center transportation Terravision .

Buses depart from the airport to the city center every 30 minutes. If you want to buy your ticket as a round trip at a time according to the dates you choose, the fee is 9 Euros.

SIT Bus Shuttle

transportation from rome airport to the center sitbus shuttle

In this part of the Rome airport city center transportation guide, I reserved for Ciampino. The second option I can recommend is SIT Bus Shuttle , which organizes 25 trips a day.

The company is here to both Vatican and Termini in the heart of the city. It organizes flights to strong>. The flights start at 07.45 and end at 23.50. Direct lines to Termni and Vatican City are set at 6 Euros per person. If you want to buy your ticket round trip, the price is 11 Euros.


< Ciampino airport to city center taxi

Rome city The white taxis authorized by the management of Ciampino Airport aim to provide a comfortable experience in transportation to the city center.

The cost of reaching the heart of Rome with taxis bearing the municipality’s emblem and license numbers is only 30 Euros thanks to the base price application. .

Finally, night taxi drivers could ask for much higher numbers at the fixed price.

Moreover, when you are a group of 3-4 people, the cost of this option is also more affordable.

For those who prefer public transportation, Fiumicino Airport is train according to your route to city center transportation I would recommend the buses> or Terravision , and Terravision buses for transportation to the city center of Ciampino Airport .

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