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What is scale?

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The word scale has more than one meaning. This word has entered our language from Italian and means “variety, gauge chart in measuring instruments, scale, set of the same kind of sounds that can be used in a composition.”

In Italian, “scala” actually means “ladder, scale”. The word “scale” is also used to mean “a structure or organ in the form of a ladder” in the Veterinary Medical Terms Dictionary.

However, scale is a word that comes up frequently in terms of diversity; for example the color scale. Apart from this, the part of the chart showing the measurement in measuring instruments is also called the scale. As a music term, scale means a sequence that is ordered from eight notes from thin to bold and from bold to thin.

Dictionary meaning of the word scale

1. Usually the indicator chart in measuring instruments: The scale of the flowmeter.
2. Variation.
3. banana. The same set of sounds that can be used in a composition.
4. esk. Gam.

Using the word scale in a sentence

1. meaning
When he looked at the scale, he was surprised to see that the result was quite high.

2. meaning
This collection, whose color scale is quite wide, was appreciated by the designers.

3. meaning
He used the scale very well and composed a great piece.

4. meaning
He was doing scale exercises in the beginning of the piano.

Synonym of the word scale

Diversity, indicator chart, scale

English of the word scale

1. dial 2. scale 3. dial plate 4. scala

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