Should we get the flu shot or not?

Should we get the flu shot or not?
Should we get the flu shot or not?

With the onset of colds, the dates of flu vaccines against flu viruses become clear, while the USA is debating whether the flu vaccine is really necessary.

The famous Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has announced that until this year, the more effective flu vaccines (FluMist), which is applied by spraying into the nose. ) warned “don’t do it anymore” (1).

Because studies revealed that the vaccine, which the CDC said “protects children much better than the flu”, has only 3 percent protection, that is, it has practically no benefit. .

It was already clear that flu vaccines were useless, and that the USA, the country with the most flu vaccines in the world, was also the country with the highest number of flu cases and deaths from the flu.

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But on the other hand, the scare campaigns of vaccine companies and CDC saying “make sure to get vaccinated or you’ll get the flu and die” continue on one hand. and the media make fun of it.

CNN “Influenza Wait a little longer to get the vaccine,” Dallas News says, “Believe it or not, it’s time for the flu shot” (2, 3).

The phrase that best describes flu shots is State of Alabama Public Health Office director Dr. By Jim McVay: “Squirting water into the nose and getting a flu shot are basically the same thing” (4).

Come to conclusion

Is it the right time to get a flu shot? Or should we wait a little longer, which presidential candidate advocates which view, I don’t know what Hillary says, what Trump says, but it suits America very well to discuss vaccines that are declared to have no effect.

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