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What does simultaneous mean?

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The word “simultaneous” has entered our language from French and is an adjective meaning “simultaneous, instant, simultaneous, happening, simultaneous, matching”. It tells that two things are done at the same time, starting and ending at the same time.

Usually a term related to translation. Simultaneous verbal translations are called “simultaneous translation”.
The origin of the word is the word “simul” which means “one, together” in Latin. The literal equivalent in Turkish is “simultaneously”. According to the Turkish Language Association, although the correct spelling is accepted as “simultaneous”, there are also those who use this word “simultaneously”.

Dictionary meaning of the word simultaneous

1. Instantly, simultaneously.

Using the word simultaneous in a sentence

1. Bombs exploded simultaneously in several different cities.
2. They were working simultaneously and taking a break at the same time.
3. He received a two-year master’s degree to be able to translate simultaneously.

What is simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous translation is a simultaneous translation and it is a very difficult type of translation. It is usually performed at conferences. In simultaneous interpretation, the translator instantly translates and pronounces what the speaker said, with a few seconds intervals.

In conferences, simultaneous translators usually sit in a soundproofed booth and simultaneously listen and translate what the speaker says, listening to the speaker with headphones. Simultaneous translation is also called conference interpreting.

This type of translation is often used in high-level meetings such as international annual meetings and conferences. Simultaneous translation is a frequently used method in politics, media and trade. It is a highly skilled job and must have gained great experience in the field of translation. Simultaneous translation requires special equipment and careful planning.

English for simultaneous translation

1. simultaneous

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