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Sugar-free chocolate recipe

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Chocolate is a favorite food by way of everybody, however unfortunately it continues to hurt our body even as giving in a single position because of its sugar additive. Sometimes there are moments while you abruptly want to eat chocolate and also you never get comfortable without consuming it. But you worry if I gain weight on account of excess sugar and perhaps you can’t eat even if crave it. At this element, we recommend training “Sugar Free Chocolate” recipe with a view to prevent from this catch 22 situation.

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Sugar-loose chocolate recipe

Dr. Özgönül indexed recipe for sugar-loose chocolate as follows:

Fabrics :

– Cocoa

– Almond

– Walnut or Hazelnut Grater

– Labneh Cheese

– Goat Horn Powder or Honey


A Positioned 2 tablespoons of labneh cheese in the bowl. Add almonds, walnuts or grated hazelnuts until it thickens. (do not grate on a grater. Make it both with a grater or with a rondo until it becomes powder) After blending totally, upload 1 teaspoon of cocoa and mix smartly. Add honey (the quantity may be other for everyone’s style.) After kneading the entire combination totally, depart it in the fridge (not in the refrigerator) for half-hour. when you take it out, knead it again and make round balls. in case you wish, you can cover these balls with coconut or almond, walnut, grated hazelnut or somewhat cocoa.

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