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Symbol of London: Big Ben and Palace of Westminster

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Palace of Westminster Big Ben London sightseeing
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Palace of Westminster and Big Ben Brief History of Palace of Westminster and Big Ben Westminster Palace and Big Ben Sections Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben Victoria Tower House of Lords House of Lords Westminster Hall Palace of Westminster and Big Ben Where and How to Go Westminster Palace and Big Ben Current Entrance Fees Palace of Westminster and Big Ben Visiting Days and Hours

With its museums, churches, palaces, lush green parks and nightlife, London exceeds all expectations of travelers. . Used today as the House of Parliament, Victorian-era Gothic style Westminster Palace and clock tower Big Ben are one of them. Actually the name of the bell in this tower, not the Big Ben clock tower, but let’s talk about that later.

London Westminster Palace Information about Big Ben

Where the British Government is represented, where there are heated debates on the country’s policies, which is extremely rich in history and extremely elegant in terms of aesthetics, the Palace of Westminster is therefore important.

In this article, let me give some more detailed information about both Westminster Palace and Big Ben which is a part of the palace.

In fact, it is possible to watch the sessions of the parliament here. However, in this article I want to talk about the palace and Big Ben from a slightly more touristic point of view. And let’s start with a few sentences of history.

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Briefly History of Westminster Palace and Big Ben

Big Ben legend Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster begins with the construction of a church dedicated to Saint Peter in the same place in the 8th century. However, St. As you may remember if you read my article on Paul’s Cathedral , there is already a St. Peter’s Church in London. While that church dedicated to St. Peter was described as East Minster , this new building was called West Minster and over time the word turned to Westminister

Already 10.

That monastery is Westminister Abbey . In the 11th century, we can say that with the addition of the small palace that we know today as Westminister Hall , the main lines of the building have emerged.

While Westminster Palace was a royal palace in the beginning, it was a parliament building in the 13th century. And behind this change is VIII. There is Henry.

The big fire in 1834 is the last major event in the history of the Palace of Westminster. After this fire, an architect named Sir Charles Barry was commissioned for the restoration of the palace, which was destroyed in a large part, and he also revealed this wonderful historical artifact we see today.

Palace of Westminster Big Ben London information

If Big Ben , which is actually the name of the tower, Elizabeth Tower , was added to the structure in 1859. I can say that the 106 meters high clock tower is the most famous clock tower in the world.

The 14-ton bell named Big Ben on its hill is specially cast and rings every hour.

The House of Commons , formed by elected MPs, creates and manages country policies from the Palace of Westminster, House of Lords formed by nobles such as Lords, Duke, and Baron (or those who later took these titles). /

This situation of course also attributes a modern importance to the historical value of the palace. What you can see in Westminster Palace and Big Ben clock tower as a tourist…

Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben

The icon of Lodra is Elizabeth Tower Big Ben

Built in 1859 Elizabeth Tower is located to the north of Westminster Palace and is normally open to visits. The giant clock with a diameter of 7.5 meters on all four sides of the tower, the loud sound of 14-ton bells every hour, the historical importance of the structure and its symbolic meaning since the first day make this place one of the landmarks of England.

< Elizabeth Tower – Big Ben After climbing the 334-step tower, you can enter the clock mechanism and see this magnificent historical clock closer.

Victoria Tower

Palace of Westminster Victoria Tower

The 100-meter-high Victoria Tower also decorates the skyline of the Wesminister Palace. another tower.

The House of Commons, where members of parliament convene and sessions on various issues, also impresses visitors with its simplicity.

The House of Lords

Today The House of Lords from the sections that are protected like the first day The House of Lords, which is the final approving authority of the decisions of the House of Commons, is still a splendid and yet very simple section with wooden chairs.

Westminister Hall

It is the only part of the Palace of Westminster that survived so many earthquakes and fires that survived until today. The most striking details here are the largest antique wooden roof in Europe, which is as beautiful as a work of art. Richard statues and the King’s table.

Palace of Westminster and Where and How to Get Big Ben?

Westminster Palace Big Ben where and how go

Westminster Palace and Big Ben, located in the Westminister District of central London, are as easy as you can imagine.

By subway ; You can reach it by getting off at Wesminister Station with the Distric, Jubilee and Circle lines.

You can also choose to go by Bus , as it is the most central part of the city, almost all buses pass from here.

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Palace of Westminster and Big Ben Current Entrance Fees

London Big Ben Westminster How far is the entrance to the palace?

Unfortunately, Big Ben is not open to visitors due to restoration at the time I write this article and it is unclear what the entrance fee will be when it is opened to touristic visits in 2021. However, I can talk about the current entrance fees to the Palace of Westminster.

Guided tours for adults 26.50 Pounds, guided tours are £ 19.50. Students and guided visitors over 60 years old. Tours are £ 22, guided tours £ 17.

If you want online tickets, you can buy the Wesminister Palace from the official website before your trip.

London Pass is on the Wesminister Palace tours. Not valid .

Westminster Palace and Big Ben Visiting Days and Hours

Big Ben Palace of Westminster visiting days and hours

Palace of Westminster is open all year round for both touristic visits and those who want to observe the Parliament meetings.

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