The Magnificent Four of Cold Weather: Ginger – Honey – Orange Cinnamon

The Magnificent Four of Cold Weather: Ginger – Honey – Orange Cinnamon
The Magnificent Four of Cold Weather: Ginger – Honey – Orange Cinnamon

We are in a period when upper respiratory tract symptoms such as flu, cold, cough and throat irritation start to increase with the cold weather.

In this period when our immune system weakens and infectious diseases increase, unconsciously used antibiotics also increase in parallel. . We should not forget that the unconscious use of antibiotics tires our kidneys and liver.

The natural and herbal solution that will strengthen our body’s immune system and at the same time help protect you against diseases in these weather conditions; Ginger – Honey – Orange – Cinnamon mix!

A paste-like ginger mix that you can consume as a preventative supplement before getting sick. In particular, honey and ginger help relieve infections because they work like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to the vitamins E and B6 found in the ginger plant, the “gingerol” found in the ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Ginger, which raises the body temperature, provides healthy sweating during the flu and helps to get rid of the disease from the body in a shorter time. In addition to the numerous vital benefits of honey, when you add the high vitamin C in the orange and the antiseptic feature of the cinnamon plant, your ginger mixture will provide you with a natural support throughout the winter. First, a mixture of ginger – honey – orange – cinnamon in the form of 1 spoonful of paste a day will strengthen your immune system. During the illness, 2 spoons of the mixture you will consume will provide natural support to relieve your discomfort. Babies and diabetics should not use it because it contains sugar.

Ginger mixtures used for healing purposes in the Far East and India. Even though it is natural and more enriched in content, ginger is easily available in the markets as a herbal mixture in our country.



Turkey’s leading As a natural products producer, Aksuvital, which has been providing added value to the development of natural products for 27 years in 81 provinces in 10 countries, carries out production in Istanbul with its 12,300 m2 factory. It offers its natural products to the service of human health with its expert food, chemical engineers, doctor and aromatic plants expert, which started its activities with honey production in 1989 and can be reached at more than 10,000 points.



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