The New Seven Wonders of the World

The New Seven Wonders of the World
The New Seven Wonders of the World

‘NEW’ Seven Wonders of the world were made up our minds through the end result of an online vote by way of a mobile phone company in Switzerland, and 7 of ultimate 21 finalists had been decided on and announced at a rite held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 7 July 2007. . These new seven wonders: -Petra Historic Town-JORDAN-Nice Wall of China-CHINA- Savior Christ Statue-BRAZIL -Machu Picchu Ancient Town-PERU -Chichen Itza Pyramid-MEXICO …

‘NEW’ Seven of the world Its wonder was determined via the outcome of an online vote through a mobile phone corporate in Switzerland, and seven of last 21 finalists have been decided on and introduced at a rite held on 7 July 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. Those new seven wonders:
– Historic Town of Petra – JORDAN
– Nice Wall of China – CHINA
– Statue of Christ fitness Savior – BRAZIL
– Ancient City of Machu Picchu – PERU
– Chichen Itza Pyramid-MEXICO
-Tac Mahal-INDIA

The New Seven Wonders of the World

Historical Town of Petra

It’s an historic town in Petra, located within the area among Dead Sea and you Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan.

Photography town was once forgotten in time due to a natural disaster and financial trouble in 400 BC and used to be found out via Johann Burckhardt, a Swiss visitor, in 1812. It was deserved to be included in the UNESCO “Global Cultural Background” list on December 6, 1985.

The Nice Wall of China

building, famous for being tallest construction in the global, used to be constructed 2 thousand 227 years in the past. the principle purpose of building is to use it as a safety wall to offer protection to China from Mongolian assault. It Is written in lots of puts where construction is observed from space. Alternatively, fashion construction cannot be observed from space as it is thought.

Christ Redeemer Statue

Informations Portuguese authentic name of statue, present in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, is ‘Christo Redentor. It Is 710 meters top. It took its present place on October 12, 1931 as a results of a study that lasted for five years in total. In total, 1 ton weighs 145 pounds. Simplest the top space is 3.75 meters top and 30 heaps.

Machu Picchu Ancient Town

The Ancient town in Cusco, Peru, was founded in 1450 via art Inca Emperor Pachacutec Yupanqui.

Incas had to go away the town as a result of sport flower epidemic. It used to be came upon by way of an American archaeologist in 1911.

Chichen Itza Pyramid

development positioned in Mexico, BC. It was once constructed via usa Maya Civilization within the eighth century. Photography construction has been used as an economic and policy center. Pyramid changed into ‘Highest Construction in the sector’ on the starting of the 20th century.


Art construction located in Rome, happy capital of Italy, was once named as ‘Flavianus Amphitheater’ because it was once constructed through the Flavium Dynasty could also be known. Colosseum is a large enviornment with a capacity of fifty thousand other people. Making, İ.S. It was initiated by way of workout commander Vespasianus in 72 BC and ADVERT. It was once completed within the technology of Titus in EIGHTY.

Taj Mahal

Photography construction in Agra, India, is a mausoleum constructed by way of Shah Cihan, healthy fifth ruler of Timuroğulları Dynasty. When Shah Cihan died, he wanted information Taj Mahal to be built in reminiscence of his beloved wife. architect who constructed travel construction is Mehmet Isa Efendi and Mehmet İsmail Efendi, who are the students of Mimar Sinan.

Peace construction of lifestyle construction started in 1630 and was finished in 1652.

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