The pollution we can’t deal with

The pollution we can't deal with
The pollution we can't deal with

Electromagnetic devices surrounding our entire lives have caused magnetic pollution. So how do we deal with this pollution? Is it possible to get rid of magnetic pollution?

Moving electric charges create a magnetic field. For this reason, there is a magnetic field in every bio-electric field, that is, in living things. The signals of the magnetic field used by the substances that make up the human being to communicate with each other are in harmony with each other. These signals are also in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic cohesion can be disrupted for various reasons.

Today, with the introduction of electromagnetic devices into our lives, a new type of pollution has emerged. High voltage lines, computers, telephones etc. are sources of electro-smog. In addition to all these, there are also external factors; Earth’s magnetic pole is constantly shifting. As this process accelerates, the harmonization of the magnetic field of living things with the earth has become difficult, and it has started to affect health as an inevitable result.

Magnetic pollution is invisible but has been increasing with a high acceleration in recent years. Its negative effects on health have also increased exponentially. Bio-magnetic field studies coincide with the post-space studies. In the following years, as a result of extensive research, it was understood that these symptoms were due to moving away from the earth’s magnetic field.

What Can Be Done at Home for Magnetic Pollution:

1. Let’s use electronic devices (phone, computer, television…) as little as possible. Let’s keep it closed when not needed.
2. Let’s keep it as far away from us as possible when we are not using it.
3. Let’s not leave a phone in the bedroom at night.
4. Let’s prefer corded phones instead of cordless phones unless it is very necessary.
5. Let’s definitely turn off the television from the plug. If we turn it off with a remote control, magnetic pollution will continue.
6. Let’s use mobile phones with headphones.
7. Let’s touch the ground with bare feet every chance we get.

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