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The Real Reason Cameran Eubanks Wimberly Left ‘Southern Charm’ Is Simple: “I Was Just Over It”

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Cameran Eubanks Wimberly was certainly missed on this season of Southern Charm. We know this because her lack of presence came up at the recent reunion and was debated across the stage. Now, she’s got her brand new book, One Day You’ll Thank Me which provides some insight into her time on the show, and during our chat via Zoom, which you can see the video above and her words which you can read below, she goes into even more detail about taking a step back from the Bravo series.

Here, Cameran talks about what did (and didn’t) make it into the book, her days on The Real World, parenting adorable three-year-old daughter Palmer, and what Craig Conover said at the reunion that made her mouth drop open.

DECIDER: Congratulations on the book, One Day You’ll Thank Me.

It is so fun, it is so you and we learn a lot in this as well. What were some of the things that you knew had to be in the book, some of your stories, some of your moments?

CAMERAN EUBANKS WIMBERLY: Well, I still get stopped, I don’t get stopped now because of masks, obviously. But I used to get stopped all the time and people would still ask me about The Real World. I think people for whatever reason, are just intrigued by the old school Real World, especially. So I dedicated a full chapter to that experience and told some kind of never before told stories from my experience with that. I knew I wanted to include a lot on my journey to becoming a mother, simply because a lot of women seem to resonate with that experience from me being on Southern Charm, and just overall life lessons that I have learned along the way.

I just am very proud of it. It’s like my second baby. People say, “When are you going to have a second baby?” I already have, it’s sitting right there. It’s my book. I hope people buy it and I hope people can learn something from it and just enjoy reading it. I think it’s a pretty light and easy read, which is what I wanted.

You did a great job for people that aren’t parents yet too, as I’m glad to learn about leaky boobs along the way.

Nobody told me that.

But it’s crazy. There’s something that happens in the mind and psyche of a woman that you forget all that stuff and I think that’s why women go on to have multiple children because you forget all the negative eventually, which is good.

Are you excited for your daughter Palmer to read the book someday?

I am. The whole time I was writing it, that stuck in the back of my head. This is something that I want Palmer to be proud of. One day, I know she’s going to read it. Of course, when I was filming The Real World at 19, I wasn’t thinking, my child’s going to be watching this someday, I better behave, but I’m very cognizant of that now at 37.

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