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The unparalleled, decade-defining chaos of the 2001 Super Bowl halftime show

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the unparalleled decade defining chaos of the 2001 super bowl halftime show 60128bd955819

Left to right: Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake of NSYNC sign up for Britney Spears, and Joe Perry of Aerosmith onstage all over MTV’s Tremendous Bowl halftime display. (Scott Gries/ImageDirect via Getty Photographs)

Anne-iversaries is a bi-weekly column by way of author Anne T. Donahue that explores and celebrates the popular culture that defined the ’90s and 2000s and the best way it impacts us now (with, after all, a couple of private anecdotes along the way).

As you may or won’t bear in mind, Super Bowl XXXV took place on January 28, 2001. The Baltimore Ravens won over the new York Giants, the Backstreet Boys sang the national anthem, and the chaos brought forth by way of the halftime show used to be not anything lets have prepared for.

That halftime display cemented precisely how messy the 2000s would prove to be — a revelation first teased through the the whole thing-goes nature of the brand new millennium and Y2K. in truth, thanks to one of these public show of chaos and pandemonium, the 2001 halftime show formally laid the basis for a decade that was defined by way of pop culture long gone rogue.

But within the era of dial-up internet, how had been we to grasp?

I for sure did not. As a 15-yr-antique Alice Deejay fanatic, I Assumed not anything of the Super Bowl or its have an effect on on popular culture basically. in truth, the halftime display was once always a mystery — particularly, I had no idea why it existed or why I will have to care. To me, sports activities existed in one realm, and song sat squarely in another. As a long way as I saw it, there has been not anything to glean from a pseudo-live performance starring a handful of artists i may or would possibly not have listened to sometimes. In 1999, Gloria Estefan seemed along Stevie Marvel (cool!) and big Bad Voodoo Daddy (huh?), whilst in 2000, Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, and Toni Braxton carried out together — in conjunction with narration from Edward James Olmos (who, in truth, merits a halftime display unto himself). The halftime display all the time gave the impression to reach out to an unrealistically huge cross-portion of music fans. However Super Bowl XXXV, fresh into a century obsessed with the whole lot going down all of the time, shed any resemblance of order. We will have to’ve known then that we had been observing the affirmation of a brand new norm.

the unparalleled decade defining chaos of the 2001 super bowl halftime show 60128bdab1a30

Left to proper: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly and Joe Perry of Aerosmith perform through the halftime display for Super Bowl XXXV.

*NSYNC squared off in opposition to Aerosmith, whilst Britney Spears, Nelly, Tremors (whomst?), and Mary J. Blige perceived to help additional create an unheard of feel of turmoil — a feeling most effective exacerbated by way of the belief that *NSYNC and Aerosmith were the headliners. even more astounding? The display was offered by way of a pre-taped caricature centered around Dodgeball (a movie from the same 12 months that I absolutely saw in theatres). An in-character Ben Affleck amps up Aerosmith and *NSYNC to the purpose of frame assessments and shouts earlier than the boy band runs out to the sector, JC Chasez clad within the shiniest outfit to exist on this global and Justin Timberlake sans his well-known curls. (How dare he.)

And the hits just stored on coming. Each artist took turns singing their latest singles, evoking the vibe of a wedding DJ who is by no means blended a playlist in their existence (progressed simplest when Aerosmith used to be joined through Britney for his or her rendition of “Walk This Manner,” but ruined by way of JT and Britney singing in combination and reminding us all that at one aspect, those people dated and once wore matching denim outfits). It was dizzying.

the object is, that mish-mash of “everything ever, all immediately” embodied the decade as a whole from the way pop culture was marketed and consumed.

And gazing collection like TRL, the place all genres have been represented with little rhyme or reason, regularly felt the similar. In 2000, the most up to date single of the 12 months was once Faith Hill’s “Breathe,” adopted by means of “Smooth” by means of Santana, “I Wanna Realize” by means of Joe, and “Everything You Need” by means of Vertical Horizon. Random as that already used to be, it paled in comparison to 2001, during which Ja Rule and J Lo, Train (Teach!), Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Lifehouse rounded out the top 5. Actual, best FORTY has all the time been a buffet of varied genres and artists, but 2001’s mayhem was once much less in regards to the array of track to be had, and extra about the way we have been anticipated to devour it — principally, we were suggested to listen to all of it, all the time. (Taking a skim of the NOW! tracklistings after the flip of the century is a testomony to that.)

the unparalleled decade defining chaos of the 2001 super bowl halftime show 60128bdc76f8f

NSYNC, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J. Blige all carry out through the halftime show for Tremendous Bowl XXXV. (Doug Pensinger/Allsport by means of Getty Pictures)

From 2000 to 2010, our relationship with track shifted dramatically.

And this used to be an ideal factor: way to at-house blended CDs and finally iPod playlists, it were given more straightforward to branch out and collide with acts you may not in a different way have met before. However in 2001, few were ready for that. And as a outcome, the variability and availability and loyal movement of every kind of music created a divide amongst listeners.

thanks to the consistent bombardment of hugely other aspects of popular culture, you were expected to be aware of all of it — whilst actively rejecting the bulk of what was once standard. a few of us, top at the knowledge of indie or punk bands we knew now not everybody listened to but anointed ourselves as harbingers of taste. We made up our minds bands like blink-182 had bought out because they had been a hit, or we might argue to any one who would concentrate that Christina Aguilera was once better than Britney on account of her vocal vary. You had been expected to know approximately and feature an opinion on all of this. As a youngster with the (sluggish, so slow) internet at your fingertips, you were purported to be fluent in popular culture at the same time as simultaneously the use of area of interest sides of it as a method of accomplishing social elevation and cultural clout. Years later, I Would secretly open my middle to Paris Hilton and the Pussycat Dolls however scream about the merits of Metric to overshadow my “pedestrian” (gross) pastime in mainstream music.

However it used to be deeply, really messy. And in spite of the performances themselves being fine, the shortage of cohesiveness made the display look like it used to be organized by way of a few dude in a “how do you do, fellow youths?” t-shirt, retaining up musicians to the hundreds and asking, “Do you prefer this? Would this be fantastic for you?”

the unparalleled decade defining chaos of the 2001 super bowl halftime show 60128bdeb0865

Left to proper: JC Chasez of NSYNC, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Mary J. Blige perform in the course of the halftime display of the Tremendous Bowl XXXV Game. (Andy Lyons/Allsport by the use of Getty Images)

And that messiness is an excellent illustration of 2001 and the 2000s usually. It was once easy to advertise the whole thing, to market all genres, and to insist shoppers make as so much house on their hard drives for Lifehouse as they did for Beyoncé. Pre-streaming services, we were forced to in the end be informed on our personal that you just can keep an open thoughts even as respecting your musical boundaries and explicit mood, and that lesson took a couple of years to be told. Fortunately, 20 years later, we’ve in spite of everything come to know that chaos is not one thing that are supposed to be thrust upon us — it’s something we should select for ourselves.

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